What’s The Difference Between Live And Pre-Match Betting

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When it comes to sports betting, there are two types you need to be aware of. With plenty of differences between them, both pre-match and live betting can be highly profitable.

Nowadays gamblers have the option of placing a bet before the match starts, or when it’s live. And if you’re interested in knowing more about both types, then this is the article for you.

So with all that said, let’s start.

Pre-Match Betting – What Is It, Advantages

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Pre-match betting is what most punters are used to. They see the selection beforehand and place bets on matches that they think are going to have a positive outcome.

What’s most appealing about this form of gambling is that you have plenty of time to come up with a winning strategy. This means you’ll have just enough time to analyze the many factors that impact a game. This includes finding out who is absent from the match, checking previous head-to-heads, and other factors that play a hand in determining the right outcome.

Time can be a valuable resource for a punter as rushing oftentimes leaves us less prepared. When we don’t have the time to analyze a match, we won’t risk putting a bet on it.

And that is often the case with the other form that we’ll discuss later.

Another advantage to pre-match betting is the fact that you have plenty of information at your disposal. You can place a bet ten minutes before the match starts if you really want to invest your time into finding a winning combination. Information is key when it comes to winning a bet.

Having access to accurate information will help you formulate more accurate bets. But that’s not all. By having all this information at your disposal, you can do the math and decide whether or not the match is worth the bet.

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Things constantly change in sports, so much that a last-minute change in team selection could throw your bet off the rails.

Seeing the lineup before placing a bet will help you make a more accurate decision. Knowing exactly who starts for both teams will help you in many ways.

Each sports team has its strengths and weaknesses. And these two can be calculated based on who starts the match. While many teams have brilliant players that can impact a game after coming on, starting the leading performers will always benefit the team more.

And with pre-match betting, we can wait up until an hour before the game starts to see the lineups and place a bet depending on who both teams put on the field.

If you see that both teams put out quite strong and offense-centered lineups, then you can expect plenty of goals. If one team puts out a defensive lineup, then don’t expect an entertaining game.

Bottom line is that with pre-match betting you have access to information that will help you determine the right outcome of a particular sports game. If you’re looking to enter the world of sports gambling, then arbitrage betting might just be the thing for you. If you want to know more about what that is, then make sure to visit SureBets.

Live Betting – What Is It, Advantages

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The main difference between live and pre-match betting is in the name itself. You will oftentimes find this form of betting under many similar names such as in-game betting. This simply means that you’ll be putting a bet on a match that is currently live.

Contrary to popular belief, live betting is also quite popular among punters, but not as popular as pre-match betting. It doesn’t matter at what point the game currently is, live betting is a whole different beast.

The reason why punters prefer live betting is because they can place all kinds of bets and more frequently. You can bet on which team scores the next goal, gets the next corner, yellow card, red card, etc.

With live betting, punters need to actively watch the game to formulate the next winning bet. If they notice a team being particularly eager to score a goal, then the odds will drop in that team’s favor.

What a punter needs to do is take advantage of the odds before they drop. What many punters tend to do with in-play betting is a bet on a match having X or more goals. For example, a football game is being played in Switzerland between Basel and Zurich. The game is currently 0-1 to the visiting team but Basel looks eager to score a goal before the first half ends. Punters will then predict the outcome by placing over 1.5 goals in the first half. Since there’s already one goal scored, what the punter needs for the bet to land is another goal scored by any team.

These are the sort of strategies that punters look to exercise with live betting on football matches. While there are certainly more options out there, these are the more common ones.

The Odds

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Another factor that needs to be taken into account is the odds. The odds are different for both pre-match and live betting. But why is that?

The odds change as more and more punters place bets on particular selections of a particular game. Let’s say that the initial odds of Chelsea winning their game against Sheffield are 1.40. This means that by placing $50 on Chelsea to win, you’ll get a return of $70 if the bet lands.

If more and more punters place bets on Chelsea winning, then the odds will fluctuate; usually, go down. The same also applies to live betting, but different factors impact the odds.

In live betting, it is not how many punters are placing bets on Chelsea to score the next goal that fluctuates the odds but rather the game itself. If Chelsea is putting constant pressure on Sheffield, then they’re bound to get a goal at some point.


There are advantages to both types of betting. But regardless of what form most appeals to you, it’s important to play it smart and analyze a successful outcome.