What is the lifespan of a Robot Vacuum Cleaner? – Guide 2023

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When you ask someone which gender is stronger, they will tell you, male. However, if you ask who generally has more responsibilities, you will often hear that it is a woman. What do we mean by this? We are thinking of a woman who has a job and a family, and after the work day, she is ready to prepare lunch, clean the house, and many other obligations. Very often they feel like they are in a vicious circle because time is short and obligations are increasing. It is for this reason that any kind of help is welcome. This primarily refers to home appliances that make our daily tasks easier – washing machines, dishwashers, as well as various baking pans, and express pots that shorten the time spent on house chores.

One of the most time-consuming jobs is vacuuming. So why not make it easier for yourself by buying a new generation of vacuum cleaners that do all the work themselves? What is it all about?

What is a robot vacuum cleaner?

Robot vacuum cleaners are a great help to any home. Thanks to robot vacuum cleaners, we no longer even have to get up from the couch when we want to vacuum the house. Just turn it on, and it will use a sensor to detect the space it needs to clean. Smart vacuum cleaners are equipped with lasers, motherboards, processors, sensors, and even Wi-Fi, which can be used, among other things, for manual navigation of vacuum cleaner robots around the home using a mobile application. So, these home appliances with artificial intelligence are more than welcome in every home.

Key features

1. Oscillating or sonic mopping?

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If you are still not sure what the biggest differences are between a classic vacuum cleaner and a robot vacuum cleaner, we are here to explain. We have already mentioned that the robot vacuum cleaner does all the work itself. However, what many are interested in is the quality of cleaning, ie whether the surfaces remain as well cleaned as after the classic vacuuming. The answer is no because he does a much better job! The main difference between these two types of devices is in the principle of operation. The sonic mopping device will only pick up the crumbs, and you will have to mop the house afterward. On the other hand, oscillating mopping will do a double job – get rid of dirt, and even remove some stains that require scrubbing back and forth, all thanks to its rotating brushes. After cleaning, the floor will look like it has been cleaned by human hands.

2. Why do we choose intelligent 3D obstacle avoidance?

Have you ever heard of intelligent 3D obstacle avoidance? It serves to detect surroundings and react quickly with a “3D structured light” sensor to inform people to pick up something from the floor before cleaning.

3. Why do we choose to avoid carpet directly in mopping mode instead of using a mop-lift?

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We mentioned that this vacuum cleaner will clean carpets just as well as tiles or any other floor covering. However, when switching from tile to carpet, it is not recommended to continue in mopping mode because the type of surface it uses detects changes, and it recognizes which is sufficient for its cleaning. Mopping mode in some vacuum cleaners can be quite strong for carpets.

4. How to choose the right one?

On the market, you will find many robot vacuum cleaners that will meet your criteria and even exceed your expectations. There are many of them making a perfect combination of vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners. The one that definitely would meet anyone’s criteria is the one with a very low noise level (67 dB), a large dirt container (420 ml), a 180 ml water tank, is a classic size, and after a 6.5-hour charge, you can use it for 220 minutes until the next charge.

Don’t be confused by the fact that such vacuum cleaner has only one brush while the others have as many as three. In the upper part, there is a camera that will detect the space that needs to be cleaned, and a 3D sensor for detecting objects will help to avoid objects on the floor. However, we recommend that the light in the room be turned on during cleaning so that the appliance can recognize where it is.

5. Turning the Old in for the New

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Many manufacturers launched its swap repair program, allowing customers to swap for a new unit instead of repairing it within the warranty period. In other words, it incredibly easy for its users to upgrade their old model to new.

6. What is the average price?

The regular price of this device is $450, but the good news is that there will be a pre-order sale on Walmart on May 5th for the price $359 so you can save $90. This is a great opportunity to treat yourself and make house chores easier for you. Visit https://amzn.to/38QeZY to find out more about it.

7. The lifespan

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This is definitely one of the investments that will take you years. It is up to you to empty it after cleaning and charge it as needed. When buying, it is important to pay attention to the quality of vacuum cleaners, because cheaper models are prone to breakage and damage. With such device, you don’t have to think about it because most of them are made of quality materials resistant to damage and impact.

Final thoughts

As we can see, this is one of very smart investments that will save your time so you can enjoy with your family while your home is impeccably clean. Are you still undecided? We don’t think so. It’s up to you to hurry up and “grab” your robot vacuum cleaner at a more affordable price!