Life-Saving 3D Printing in 2024

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For the longest time, people perceived 3D printing as something used for fun or as an expensive piece of equipment that can only be used by professionals and in very specific areas of use, such as product design, engineering, architecture, etc. Because of that misconception, many look past it and most of the time don’t even remember that this now huge industry exists.

Those misconceptions are largely false, as what you are about to read regarding 3D printing will show you just how useful, easy to use and life-saving it can be. This technology has already somewhat grounded itself, is used by a lot of professionals and nonprofessionals alike. Many businesses exist that are based solely on 3D printing, while others learned to incorporate it into their manufacturing and production lines. That should already prove to you how useful and important 3D printing can be.

If you’re not convinced yet, let’s take a look at how printing is used to combat the current global pandemic, how it is used to help hospitals and save many lives. You can already imagine that printing is used largely as a means to produce helpful equipment. But the details are much more interesting and heartwarming than you might expect.

A Student Making 3D Printed Face Shields to Help NHS and Care Workers

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You’ve read the title right, a 15-year-old student has managed to print helpful equipment for care workers. He did this on his own, by devoting his time and recourses. He actually acquired this printer not so long ago by using his savings. That was possible because there are a lot of printers out there on the market that are extremely cheap, and are still able to deliver high-quality prints. For more details regarding budget 3D printers, you can visit the Dibbsto, a 3D printers UK website, and learn for yourself just how many great quality and affordable printers are out there.

This young boy’s story is very touching. His name is Chris, he wants to work in electrical engineering and was quite keen on getting a 3D printer. When he finally got it for himself, he didn’t use it for fun, instead, he focused his time and knowledge towards helping his community. He told the Warrington Guardian press that he wanted to donate protective gear to the NHS to help protect those at constant risk of getting sick. Many of his family members are also front-line workers for the NHS and he needed to be of help in any way he could.

The protective gear that he is making are face shields, those are comprised of a plastic frame very similar to regular glasses frames. Then, a sterilized elastic and clear plastic is being put on the frame, making it seem like a visor. Just like that, a face shield is being made, it only takes a machine, a model and a quick assembly process to create such a vital piece of equipment for the care workers.

Chris is determined to create at least 30 face shields a day, and donate them to his local hospitals and care workers. This boy serves as an inspiration to everyone and his kindness is what this world needs the most right now. If this young man manages to use his skills and time to devote himself to helping those in need, then many of us can and should do the same for our communities.

Couple Using Their 3D Printers to Create Medical Equipment During a Deficiency

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Very similarly to Chris, a young couple living in New York has also devoted themselves to creating a large supply of medical equipment for their local hospitals. This couple was interviewed by CNN and told how they managed to make an entire small production line of creating medical equipment.

This couple runs a small business using numerous 3D printers that they have. Now they are using all of their resources to help and support hospitals and medical workers. They are printing and making face shields, and according to them, a single shield frame takes about 58 minutes to make on their machines. They also have a team of volunteers who are then assembling the shields by attaching the sterilized elastic-plastic frames onto the frames.

So far this couple and their team of volunteers have managed to build 400 masks, all of which were delivered to their local emergency management department.

Another 3D Company in Italy Have Made Printed Respirator Valves

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Face shields are not the only lifesaving equipment that is being printed right now. Two guys- Isinnova chief executive Cristian Fracassi and mechanical engineer Alessandro Romaioli, were able to print a 100 respirator valves in 24 hours. It took these guys a couple of hours to model and test their designs, after which they were quick to start printing those because the hospital needed them badly.

These valves are very important, as they connect the patients in the intensive care to the breathing machines. The hospitals in Italy ran out of valves after some time, as the virus had reached a critical level in that country, and these valves have to be replaced for all patients every 8 hours.

These two wonderful guys, have been working for free and tirelessly to produce as much of these valves as possible. More and more hospitals have been contacting them ever since they’ve learned about this. Cristian and Alessandro are very careful with the production process of these valves, they are not releasing the designs for public use as they believe that these parts have to be manufactured with extra care in highly sanitary conditions, and they are not very easy to print.

In conclusion, it is wonderful to see just how much use and potential 3D printers have. In the current state of the world, more people are working tirelessly to come up with ways of saving as many lives as possible. How great it is to see that people and even kids can do so much with the help of such brilliant machines.