Why You Should Seek Legal Advice From A Family Lawyer In Custody Case

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When it comes to child custody, a judge will decide who has custody of their children and who does not. You’ll want to make sure you’ve put up a solid strategy with the help of an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney.

The problem of child custody comes after the divorce or judicial separation is completed, and it is one of the most critical issues for the court to consider.

The parent who has the custodial right is responsible for the child’s financial stability, upkeep in terms of suitable lifestyle, healthcare, emotional, physical, and medical growth. The child’s exclusive right of access and meeting is granted to the other parent.

Are you thinking about hiring a family lawyer in Rhode Island?

This post will look at the top pointers that it’s time to engage an attorney. Continue reading to learn about these warning signals before it’s too late and you lose out on that additional time with your kids.

What is the definition of Family Law?

Adoptions, separation, and child custody are all areas of practice in family law. They can prepare legal papers for use in court or legal talks. Your family law attorney may specialize in various areas, such as liberation, adopting, and so on.

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The benefits of hiring a family law attorney

Adoption, custody of children, separation, and paternity are reasons to seek a family law attorney. Adoption is a complicated procedure, so having an experienced attorney guide you through it is a brilliant idea.

Cases involving parental rights

This can occur in paternity cases when the biological father petitions for paternity to see their kid. It can also be used by the mother to seek child support.


Did you realize that there are 2.9 divorces for every 1,000 people? You might hire a lawyer for your divorce to prevent going to court.

A professional attorney can help you figure up a visiting and child custody schedule. They can also inform you about spousal support and assist you in dividing marital assets.

How can a lawyer help you?

Below are the 9 ways your legal assistance can serve you.

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1. They help in adjustments

Do you detect a dramatic shift in your relationship with your previous partner? Family issues affect not only you but also your child. Relocating to a different state or even remarrying are instances of changes.

Past issues, such as drug recurrence or other criminal offenses may also be present. You should get legal advice as soon as possible.

2. They have a lawyer that specializes in family law

If your former spouse has a family lawyer, you should seek one out as well. You’ll want to ensure that you’ll have legal support and be competent during the trial.

3. Requiring legal assistance

You’ll want to pick a family lawyer that you know will effectively defend you in court and has the necessary experience. Getting an advocate on your behalf will increase the likelihood of a satisfactory result.

Attorneys would accurately predict potential courtroom issues and be familiar with your legal rights. They can represent you legally and provide you with the assurance you need to win your case.

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4. Public hearings

Have you received notification that a court hearing would be held soon? Don’t delay until the trial is finished to seek a lawyer. Hiring someone familiar with child custody laws is your best option.

5. New challenges

Have you noticed that your ex wants things to be different in terms of visits or how often they see your kids? Or perhaps you believe they’ll try to gain full custody by claiming you’re an unsuitable parent? Engage the services of a divorce lawyer to secure your safety.

6. Your child is at risk

You don’t want to ignore these family issues if you fear your child’s safety is in jeopardy. Call 9-1-1 and afterward contact a lawyer if you believe your child’s life is in danger. A protection order against them is also an option.

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7. Refusing to allow you to see your children

Do you think your ex is attempting to limit your access to your child? Maybe they’ll reschedule at the last moment or refuse to come at all? You and your previous partner both need time with the children.

8. You’re obligated to attend a class

Have you been ordered by the court to attend intensive therapy or parent training? Consider enrolling in a drug rehabilitation program. If this is the case, the court may find you incompetent and you should consult an attorney as soon as possible to stand up for your rights.

9. Conflict avoidance

Specific issues might arise later if they aren’t resolved throughout the divorce. These disagreements can affect child care and assistance. Your competent family lawyer will make sure that you are fully protected.

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Courts will consider while determining custody cases

Whenever it comes to paternity and care, a court will examine various circumstances. They will, for example, take into account your child’s age. If your kid is young, the judge shall endeavor to maintain the same custody arrangement that the youngster is accustomed to.

They’ll also consider your and your former partner’s preferences and the support you’re both ready to provide. They want to ensure that neither of you will prevent another from visiting your child.

If the kid is old enough, they will also consider your child’s wishes. Also, whether or not there has been any abuse or neglect. If your ex-partner has a record of neglect or abuse, make sure you save any evidence of this conduct.

Final thoughts

You must have a better understanding of hiring a family lawyer is the appropriate option for you now that you’ve looked into the indicators. Are you planning on getting divorced soon? Get professional help here in Rhode Island. Contact them immediately, and they will devise a strategy tailored to your requirements.

Don’t wait any longer to secure the custody of your child that you need and deserve.