Kylie Jenner’s Dramatic New Look! Did She Use Face Fillers Again?

Image source: Instagram

Kylie Jenner ‘s fans have accused the star of plumping her face with fillers after she shared a picture of herself looking dramatically different. The reality TV star posted a snap of herself cuddling her daughter Stormi, but followers were left baffled by her new look.

Image source: Instagram

They flocked to her Instagram page to debate whether Kylie has changed her face with more fillers. One wrote: “She looks like a grandma with fillers,” and another added: “She looks like 55 years old… and she’s so young”.

Image source: Instagram

Kylie has previously admitted having filler to plump out her lips, but has since insisted she’s had it removed.

She’s also denied claims she’s ever altered her face with cosmetic surgery, insisting she’s too scared.






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