Kylie Jenner’s Expensive Gifts For Kim And Khloe Left Fans Livid

Image source: Instagram

Kylie Jenner forked up cash for this Mother’s Day and got her big sisters Kim and Khloe to two crystal clutch bags worth a whopping $5,495 each. Self-made billionaire Kylie decided to prove her love and affection for her family members by getting her hands on the lavish clutch bags made by designer Judith Leiber.

Image source: Instagram

Not long after, Kim posted a video of her matching blue cheetah clutch saying: “I mean, seriously Kylie? For Mother’s Day? How beautiful”.

Image source: Instagram

One of the fans on Twitter fumed: “Dear lord there are people dying all over the world and this girl spends her money on this kind of s**t!”. While another raged: “Unfollowing all of these fools right now!”.

Image source: Cosmopolitan