Kristin cavalleri And Jay Cutler Reached A Divorce Agreement

Image source: Instagram

It seems that the ex-couple Kristin Cavalleri and Jay Cutler have come to an agreement on children’s custody, child support, and jointly owned property after all. Their three children will spend half of the year with each parent as the couple agreed to be “joint primary residential parents”.

Image source: Instagram

Kristin will be able to use marital funds to buy a new house for her and the children and until then they will be staying with their dad, Jay. Christmas will be divided up between the couple whereas the kids will spend every alternative Easter, Thanksgiving, and school breaks with each parent. Each week, the kids will ring the parent they aren’t staying with twice at a mutually convenient time.

Image source: Instagram

Kristin and Jay were married in a romantic ceremony in Nashville in June 2013.




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