How to Keep Your Infant Safe in their Crib – Safe Sleep Practices for Babies

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Gone are the days when parents used to make their babies sleep in between instead of the cribs. The main reason behind such a behavior was their fear of the baby getting hurt in middle of the night. But now, it has become a common practice for most parents to make their babies sleep in the cots.

Safe and large baby crib rentals are now available in the market and you can easily choose the one that is perfectly ideal for your baby. There are cribs which can be attached with the beds also. So, you won’t actually have to worry about them getting hurt.

However, babies turn around a lot in their sleep. When placed in a cot, they will try to move here and there in sleep to find a comfortable position. Now that is a matter of concern because when you will be sleeping, you wouldn’t know how your baby is sleeping or in what position.

So, it is best to practice the sleep positions from the early age itself. Babies develop faster than we give credit for them. Hence, you can start making them learn about the sleep positions after two or three months of age. In this article, we will talk about the ways in which you can practice the best and the safest sleep positions with your baby. Visit to know more.

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Choose a crib with safety mechanisms

Your first task will be to choose a proper baby crib for rental. There are several designs you will get in the market. But not all of them will be suitable for your kid. To make the best choice, there are certain factors you need to take care of.

  1. The crib’s height must be more than your baby.
  2. The slats in the crib must be placed closely with wide wooden bars.
  3. Always choose a crib with polished wooden surface.
  4. It might have a latch lock for attaching the crib to your bed.

Always put your baby on back when he is drowsy

If you are placing your baby in the crib when he/she is awake, they will either wail loudly or roll over and lay on their stomach. The former reaction is not allowable while the latter is riskier for the babies.

For this reason, you have to place them on the crib mattress on their back. It wouldn’t choke their windpipe or cause problems in the neck if that’s what you are worried about. Also, make sure you are placing your kid in the crib when he/she is feeling drowsy but not asleep completely.

In the drowsy state, your baby will have the sense that he/she is being placed in the crib. But their motor nerves will be inactive due to relaxed brain which will prevent them from turning.

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Use a firm but not too hard mattress within the crib

When you are hunting for the best baby crib rental, you can also buy a mattress for the same. However, there are certain facts you should know about a baby mattress.

First of all, the mattress should be firm, neither too soft nor too hard. A firm mattress will help in supporting their soft bones and also maintaining the body posture.

Also make sure the mattress is of the same size as of the interior panel of the crib. There shouldn’t be any bump or side spaces after you fit in the mattress inside the crib.

Do not overcrowd the crib with toys and stuffed animals

Parents usually like to keep all the toys and stuffed animals inside the cot only so that babies can play with them. On one hand, it’s definitely a good practice but only when they are awake and you have place them inside the cot for playing. But, when it comes to a sleepy baby, having the toys and stuffed animals is not a good idea.

They will block the room inside the crib and will make your baby uncomfortable. Infants usually throw their hands and legs in sleep. So, they will need enough room to move. Also, toys have sharp corners and edges which will harm them during sleep.

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Dress them properly for keeping the skin warm

Babies have normally lower body temperature than adults. This is why they always cuddle close to their mothers while nursing or breastfeeding. The moment you will place them on the crib, they will feel cold. No matter how drowsy he/she is, the baby will start crying almost instantly and will seek your warmth.

This is why wrap them in the swaddling sack which will keep them warm. Make sure the inner surface of the sack is soft, comfortable, soothing, and hypoallergenic for the skin. Also, warm the mattress sheet before you place your baby inside. If the outside temperature is low, you can use a baby blanket.

Summing up

Well, once you get a proper baby crib rental and the mattress, you need to establish a proper bedtime routine. Get the, in a proper practice of sleeping alone in the cribs. This will help you to make them learn and get in the habit of sleeping safely in the cot without hurting themselves. For the ultimate security, use a baby monitor, especially when you are not close to the crib.