10 Best Ways to Keep Your Home Fragrant – 2024 Guide

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Smell is the first thing people notice when they come to your home. Although often overlooked, the scent of your house can tell more about you to your guests; it can either invite them in or turn them off.

Every home has a unique scent. The longer you get exposed to the smells of your house, the less likely you will notice them. This happens through a mechanism known as a sensory adaptation or nose blindness, where you get used to your house’s scents. However, any visitors coming in will immediately detect any funky smells in your home.

Getting your home always to smell fresh may be overwhelming, especially with all the life activities revolving around it. From having kids and pets play around to cooking and leading your everyday life, you are bound to end up with a mixture of different odors or aromas. However, amid all the life happenings, you can still manage to keep your home fragrant by adopting some of the tips outlined in this guide.

Below are a few simple ideas you can borrow to give your home a pleasant and inviting fragrance.

Air It Out

If the prevailing weather is permitting, airing out your house is one of the easiest ways to give it a fresh aroma. To do this, open the windows and doors and let the breeze from the outside air blow in. The incoming fresh air will push out any stale or funky odor from your house. Allowing fresh air circulation goes a long way in giving your home a fresh and inviting scent.

Add Essential Oils to Your Diffuser or Air Filter

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Whichever option you use, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to make your home smell fresh. A diffuser or an air filter will help push the inviting scent all through your home, masking away other funky odors. You can find great portable, handheld and jewelry diffusers at Kumi for your home needs.

Other than giving your home a pleasing fragrance, essential oils are also known to have natural healing properties and also possess relaxation and cleansing qualities. Some of the most commonly used essential oils include frankincense, lavender, jasmine, lemon and chamomile.

Use Scented Cleaning Vinegar

If possible, do not only mask the funky smell using diffusers and sprays. Consider having cleaning sessions to eliminate the source of the bad smells. It would be advisable to use scented cleaning agents that leave behind inviting fragrances.

You can shop online for quality cleaning agents such as scented vinegar. If possible, you can redeem voucher codes and coupon codes from your best online store to buy the cleaning products. Cleaning can offer a fragrance that lasts longer than the use of sprays or air fresheners.

Use Fabric Spray

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Fabric sprays are a good way to give your home a fresh fragrance of your choice. These sprays come at different compositions and prices, giving you an option to choose one that fits your needs. You may get high-quality sprays through online shopping, which you can use on your rugs, curtains, cushions, seat covers and sheets.

Additionally, you can prepare homemade sprays by mixing water, baking soda and your preferred essential oils. Do not overdo when it comes to sprays. A little fabric spray can go a long way in keeping your home fragrant.

Air Purifying Plants

In a bid to add life to the interiors of your home, you may decide to use potted plants. Not only are they beautiful, but they also play a crucial role when it comes to refreshing your house.

Potted plants aid in air circulation and some have pleasant smells too. Consider trying out orchids, peach lilies and jasmine. When using indoor potted plants, ensure you take good care of them to retain their looks.

Use a Deodorizing Carpet Powder

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Carpet fiber is often one of the most overlooked items when cleaning and refreshing the house. However, the carpet’s fiber, especially in high traffic areas such as the sitting room or dining area, can be the hidden source of the funky smell in your home.

Therefore, next time you are cleaning your house, ensure that you refresh the carpet using a deodorizing carpet powder. Pour the powder on your carpet and let it settle for a few minutes before vacuuming. Not only will it help remove accumulated dirt and dust, but it will also leave your house with a fresh fragrance.


Baking is another way to improve the scent of your home. If you have some guests and want to prepare something for them, you should consider baking. Baking doubles up as a cooking and an air refreshment method.

You may bake banana, apple or cinnamon bread or cakes or cookies of your choice from shop using coupon code. Once ready, leave your baked products to cool in the open to allow the sweet aroma of vanilla and other ingredients used to diffuse into your entire house. The smell of baked goods creates an inviting fragrance. 

Keep the Shower Clean

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The showers’ humid environment may create a breeding ground for bacteria and mold, creating a dump scent. To avoid this, ensure that you clean and dry your shower regularly.

Additionally, get into a habit of using shower gels or bathing soaps with a fragrance to give your shower a pleasing scent. If you are looking for good offers for quality shower gels and bath and body sprays, click here and enjoy great deals and shop using promo and coupon code.

Remove the Culprits

If you enough time in your schedule, consider identifying the source of the funky smell within your home. It may be undisposed garbage, dam laundry, stinky pet houses or beds, dusty corners, unclean upholstery or kitchen and bathroom drains. After identifying the unpleasant smell source, the next step is to deal with it by either cleaning, disposing or airing out.

Burn Candles

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Candles are one of the ways used by most people to give their homes a fragrance of their choice. The right blend and strategic placement of candles can go a long way in increasing the candle’s efficiency in keeping your home fragrant.

To achieve the most out of candles, keep it simple, don’t overdo it. Consider burning candles of the same scent or different ones yielding complementary fragrances. Take advantage of great deals in online stores where you can get your favorite quality candle using online coupons .


If you want to give your house a fresh, inviting scent that will make it comfortable for you and your guests, try out the above home tips for fragrance.