Jojo Babie Got Slammed On Instagram After Sharing An Absurd Message

Image source: Instagram

Jojo Babie, whose real name is Jojo Von South, shared a photo on Instagram that had her fans buzzing. The photo itself is just another “babie got back” snap, but the caption is what got the critics’ attention. Asian-American model, who was born and raised in Kansas, stayed silent.

Image source: Instagram

Jojo is very secretive about her personal affairs, including her family, relationship status and educational background. However, she is very open when it comes to plastic surgery to which she is no stranger having enhanced her breasts and buttocks on her 5’4″ frame, as well as numerous cosmetic procedures on her face.

Image source: Instagram

As of 2020, the 31-year old has accumulated a net worth of $3 million. Sharing sultry photos on Instagram gets her approximately $30,000/year, but the majority of her income comes from her official website “JojoBabie” selling different merchandise like clothes and posters.

Image source: Instagram


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