Jason Luv New Album Dropping 2024


Many people have heard about Jason Luv and his famous Instagram page with nearly 140,000 followers because he posts a lot of useful information about his lifestyle, his workout session, and his health. If you were to ever open up his Instagram page, you will see people commenting on how much he has helped them and motivated them. And there is a clear reason why he such a motivation. Jason is healthy, is very fit and in shape. It is obvious that people would love to look just like him.

However, that is not the end of the story about Jason Luv. Even though he loves his workouts and the content he posts on social media websites, he is primarily a music artist. It seems like this is his destiny which is why he decided to utilize his social media fame to pave a path to musical success.

The beginnings of his musical career

Naturally, every artist has to start somewhere. No one is born famous or with the talent to rap or create ridiculously good beats or whatever. Everyone has to start from scratch and then build themselves up to a certain level. So, just like anyone else, Jason Luv also had to start from scratch.

Even though he was born in Louisiana, he first started his career in Miami. The potential to make some money on the side in nightclubs was an attractive idea and he decided to go for it. However, I believe that Jason did not expect the level of popularity he would get while working in those clubs. It seems like his way with music really touched some people which is the moment when he realized he should invest more effort, time, and money into building his career.

However, he approached all of this very carefully. Going from one music club to another is one way to spread your influence, but it is not very effective. You have to compete with hundreds of other artists and that can be very difficult, disappointing, and frustrating. Of course, many popular artists around the world have become famous by working in clubs, but the chances of becoming successful through this path are quite low.

Jason however, had the idea of going down another path. He believes that he would first have to understand how to produce before he would start recording his own tracks. So, you could say that the start of his career was actually when he was producing for other artists. Sometimes he would assist with producing other times he would be the main producer, etc.

After spending some time gathering knowledge and experience in this area, his next move was to sign a record deal. At the time, Interscope Records was the company that seemed most promising.

Jason Luv’s unique style

One of the more interesting things about Jason is the way he looks at music and what he manages to create from it. He is not the regular rapper with a good flow or a basic EDM artist that follows in the steps of others. His understanding of the EDM genre allowed him to create a much more unique style than most people are used to.

Today’s most popular and upcoming musical EDM artists sound pretty similar. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because that is how this genre works. However, a bit of creativity has never hurt anyone. Jason Luv obviously understands this quite well which is why he continues with his unique style.

He believes that it is very important to keep the EDM genre alive and the best way to do that is to start collaborating with other people and with other genres too. Promoting each other will lead to bigger success for both the artists and the genre itself.

His management team has also seen the potential he has in his unique EDM style which is why they decided it is much smarter to go down this path instead of hip-hop. Even though he was actually pretty good with his lyrical flow and versatility in hip-hop, but still, EDM is his passion.

Jason believes his music will create quite an impact on the music industry. This is the kind of attitude the industry needs. Passion, determination, and tenaciousness are some of the things that push humanity forward. Without these three characteristics of humans, we will probably still be stuck with using horses as transportation instead of planes and vehicles.

Jason’s new album


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The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it. ?

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If I got you interested in the lifestyle of Jason Luv and his way of understanding EDM, you probably want to know about his music too. Well, right now, there isn’t a lot of content to go through. You could check out one of his singles such as “Dance the Night Away”, “Let’s Go Shopping”, “Auto”. You can find most of his singles on Spotify, Google Play, and Apple Music.

If you can’t seem to find his profile on these platforms, you can just follow his Instagram iamjasonluv where you will be able to find all of the information regarding Jason.

However, you will also be glad to know that Jason love has a plan to drop an album in 2024. His management team claimed that he has been spending months and hundreds of hours of his time in the studio to perfect his understanding of electronic dance music. In fact, he also has several other projects he plans to release anytime soon. “Dance the Night Away” was the first of the many releases he plans in the next year or so.

These last few releases have sparked up a lot of interest in many labels and brands. There is even talk about a six or seven-figure endorsement deal in the near future. If this is true, then you can imagine that Jason Luv will have a lot more music for us in the next couple of years. The album that will release in the summer of 2024 seems like just the beginning.

To stay up to date with his release follow Jason Luv’s Instagram and the accounts on all of his other platforms.