Is the Online Bingo Industry Changing? 

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In the past, telling your friends that your Friday night plans involved a game of this game or two might have provoked a bit of an odd look or a little chuckle. For a long time, it has been unjustly stereotyped as a boring old person’s game, but this couldn’t be further from the truth, particularly with new imaginings of the game that have been molding and reshaping the industry in recent years especially in the UK.

A Shift to the Digital

The emergence of this online game has had a significant impact on the industry. It has helped restore the much-deserved popularity for the game, partly by making it easier and more convenient than ever before to get involved. There are literally thousands upon thousands of such games and websites out there, giving players huge scope over the type of games they wish to play.

Most of these sites also have online chatrooms, making online versions of the game even more sociable, and appealing to a wide audience. These sites also offer big cash prizes, and as there are so many similar sites out there, there is a real opportunity for players to bag themselves huge wins.

How Bingo is Targeting a Younger Audience

It isn’t typically a game that you might associate with students and young people in general. However, this industry is expanding rapidly and embracing a variety of exciting new versions of the game which are right up a younger audience’s street.

Reality TV Show Bingo Games

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A vast number of those online sites now feature these games inspired by, and to go along with popular TV shows, films, and video games. Game of Thrones bingo has proven to be pretty popular, as well as Harry Potter, and there is even an I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! is creating I’m A Celeb version of the game which is super fun, easy and comes just in time for the beginning of this year’s new series 2019. I’m A Celeb bingo makes for a great evening in with friends or family members, and an even juicer viewing of the program. The game features downloadable, and printable cards. So, all you need to do is print off your cards, and divvy them up amongst yourselves, or alternatively, you can to play on your phone, tablet or laptop.

The rules of the game are super easy to follow. A typical game would generically feature numbers ranging either from 1-99, or 1-75. With the I’m A Celeb bingo game, though, the numbers have been replaced with varying scenarios from the show. For example: “somebody spots an animal in the camp and freaks out” or “a campmate lies about how many stars they won in the bush tucker trial”.

Players quietly (if they can) check these scenarios off their bingo cards as and when they occur throughout the show, and the first player to check off all the scenarios off their card is the winner! This I’m A Celeb version of a classic game is great fun and has already proven to be incredibly popular with students and a younger audience.

Bongo’s Bingo

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This game has proven to a monumental hit with everyone, but most obviously with a younger audience, who might not otherwise have given night of playing bingo a second thought.

Apparently, the idea for Bongo’s Bingo began as a bit of a crazy joke between co-founders Jonny Bongo and Joshua Burke, who had no serious intentions for the success it is today. The humble event has its roots in Liverpool, before it began spreading across the UK, and now even reaching to countries worldwide!

A typical night will involve several rounds of bingo, intersected by rave intervals, dance-offs and live, sometimes even celebrity, entertainment! Bongo’s is fundamentally bingo, but bingo livened up a little with a slosh of booze and fun music. Jonny Bongo and Joshua Burke reportedly believe that a lot of the event’s success boils simply down to its uniqueness, which has drawn a wide pool of customers in, particularly young people who are after a slightly different take on the standard night out.

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The birth of online bingo has without a doubt had a significant, and very positive, impact on its industry. The online version has helped to introduce the classic game to a wider audience, through its convenience factor, and the opportunity it offers for players to win big cash prizes much more readily.

In fact, without the influx of popularity that the emergence of the online version has brought on, we might not have the likes of other exciting versions of bingo today. If you are yet to discover the online version of this game, I’m A Celeb bingo or Bongo’s Bingo, then certainly give them a go! You’re sure to have a great time and fall in love with the game if you haven’t already.