Is The Cavoodle Dog Breed High-Maintenance?

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Owning a dog is a huge responsibility, but it can surely be fulfilling. Some dog breeds need a lot of exercise, while others love to be cuddled. Some are more difficult to control and train. And, most especially, they need regular grooming and medical care.

One of the most popular dog breeds today is the Cavoodle, and, in fact, many people want to own one. Also known as Cavapoo, Cavoodle is a dog breed that’s a combination of the Miniature Poodle and Cavalier, according to BarkSpot. They’re part of the Poodle-mix organization of dogs, including the Labradoodle and Cockapoo. Cavapoos’ baby face is very cute, and they also maintain a puppy-like appearance as they grow. These pooches come in various colors—from tan, to brown, to black, and to all shades in between.

However, if you’re wondering if this dog breed is high-maintenance, then read on to learn more.

Cavoodle Dog Breed: Is It High-Maintenance?

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Cavoodles are known to be a high-maintenance breed, especially in terms of grooming. To maintain a good condition, their coat needs more than weekly grooming. This breed doesn’t emit that much odor, thus, if you smell something, it might be because of their long hair that accumulated dirt. Trimming and bathing regularly may also help in overcoming this problem. Unless you have experience, it’s recommended that you hire a qualified groomer to do the job.

Once your Cavapoo is done with their third vaccination, full grooming should be done monthly. Usually, it’ll cost you from USD$70 to USD$100, depending on your location. On the other hand, a biweekly bath is also needed to keep your pet fresh and odor-free. If you want to do it on your own, it’s free, but you need to invest in quality shampoos and other bathing essentials. But, if you want to bring them to the professional, it’ll usually cost you USD$10 for every wash, or USD$20 a month.

Furthermore, your Cavapoo needs three vaccines in the first year, which is actually common among any other breed. Another vaccination every subsequent year is necessary, which is considered as another expense.

Other Costs Involved In Owning A Cavapoo

While it’s true that a Cavoodle is a high-maintenance dog breed, it’s best that you understand the other costs involved in owning such a pet aside from grooming and vaccination.

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  • Treats And Food

It’s crucial to feed your dog with quality and nutritious foods and treats (for more info on this, Pumpkin pet insurance is a great resource.). Usually, it’ll cost you USD$30 to USD$70 per month. However, the food expenses will depend on the quality of the food and the size of your C. Be aware of low-cost dog foods as they may contain unhealthy ingredients that aren’t good for your Cavapoo’s health.

  • Beds, Toys, Collars, Leashes, And Other Dog Accessories

Any breed of dog needs a comfortable bed, which will cost you from USD$50 to USD$200, depending on the quality. If you want to save, make sure to get a high-quality and durable one.

Your dog also needs a collar and leash. Depending on the quality and size, you may need to spend around USD$20 to USD$50 every year.

When it comes to exercise and the mental stimulation of your Cavapoo, toys will play a crucial role. Although some owners might indulge, most probably, you may spend USD$25 to USD$150 every year on dog toys. But, this may become several hundreds of dollars higher, especially if you can’t resist cute toys.

  • Routine Vet Care

Aside from vaccination, your Cavapoo needs a routine vet care to ensure it’s always in good shape. Make sure to bring your dog for a checkup twice or once a year, which may cost you about USD$100 to USD$300 monthly. Dental cleaning is also necessary, which can add about USD$300 to USD$1000 to your overall expenses if straightforward cleanings are performed. Please note that if your Cavapoo has painful diseased teeth, these would need a high-level treatment, as well as extraction that can be about USD$800 to USD$3000.

  • Supplements And Medications

All dogs, including Cavapoos, need medication in order to prevent ticks, fleas, and other parasites. Your vet will assist you with the best products that are suitable for the needs of your pet. Although vitamins aren’t usually needed for Cavapoos with a completely balanced diet, vets recommend supplements like omega 3s and glucosamine. Usually, you’ll need to spend USD$100 to $500 every year, depending on your dog’s needs and size.

Reasons To Own A Cavoodle

Despite being high-maintenance, there are still a lot of reasons why you should consider getting a Cavoodle. Here are some of them:

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  1. Hypoallergenic

If you have an allergy and you want to own a dog without worrying about your safety, Cavoodles are for you. This dog breed comes with one layer of coat. What’s more, it’ll cause only a few people to experience any kind of allergy.

For dog owners who have children and are actively social, looking for a dog who’s safe for everybody is a top priority. An allergy can be irritating and painful. So, one benefit of having this dog breed is that almost everybody can be around them, without having to deal with red eyes and a runny rose.

  1. Affectionate

One of the best characteristics of a Cavapoo is that they’re very affectionate. If you’re looking for a great companion who can get along well with your other furry friends, a Cavapoo is the most ideal dog breed for you. They’re a good option for dog lovers, single people, families, seniors, younger individuals, and those who are living in the countryside or city.

  1. Intelligent

Because of the fact that they got their intelligence from Poodles, it’s not surprising that Cavapoos are intelligent. Having said that, training them is quite easy. Owning a Cavapoo will make the tasks involved in dog training less daunting and more enjoyable.

This dog quickly responds to positive support, contrary to bad support. Positive support means incorporating something right away after a behavior takes place. Negative support, on the other hand, is yelling and sending your Cavapoo to their crate after making mistakes or not following your commands.

Final Say

If you’ve decided to get a Cavapoo, it’s recommended that you spend time finding a high-quality and reliable breeder. Since they’re a designer dog, you need to double your effort when looking for a dog and breeder. If you think you already found a reputable breeder, it’s crucial that you ask more questions about the bloodlines, health, and characteristics of the parents of your prospective Cavoodle. In addition to that, you’ll need to see the dog personally to assess and look for red flags to ensure that you’re getting a healthy Cavapoo.