Is the Perfect Relationship Possible – 2024 Guide

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Everyone has seen a romantic comedy film where everything is love, understanding, communication… They make finding love, being loved back, and achieving happiness simple. But is it really like that?

It certainly doesn’t seem so. Given the popularity of all the applications that exist where you can find the ideal partner quickly. Not to mention online adult classified portals such as Skokka New Zealand, where you can post ads or contact directly with professional independent escorts.

Also, now, with all those new terms appearing discovering new types and ways of having relationships… The fact is that, despite being the most common, in addition to monogamy between men and women, there are many others.

Swingers, open relationships, polyamorous, bisexual, homosexual, and a long etcetera. Because more research is done, the more new forms of love can be discovered. Not for nothing are there more than seven and a half billion people living in this world. Each one looking for one thing and, like pieces of a puzzle, trying to fit in with another looking for the same thing.

What do you look for in a couple?

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This is the first question to be asked. Because if no one knows, there is little to enjoy. And although it seems a simple question, in most cases, it is not.

Until you go through some experience it is difficult to realize it. And it is curious that, even so, many people do not know it either. That’s why you have to be open to being able to meet different types of people. This way it is easier to discover what is more pleasant and to be happier.

Once you are aware of it, it is easier to find it. And what is also important, without making anyone else suffer. For example, if what you want is just sex, without commitments, and you don’t know anyone willing, you can contact a beautiful escort. On the other hand, if what you are looking for is more long term, close and intimate, you can find it in some online application, going out with friends, etc. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone, you just need to know them, want to use them and take advantage of them.

How to meet the possible better half?

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Fortunately, today, there are hundreds of ways to meet new people. There is the traditional one, friends who introduce more friends that go out to party, specific applications or websites for people who are looking for love, and even social networks. Because it seems that nowadays if you don’t have at least one profile in one of them, you don’t exist.

But then, why are those who are single still single? Having a partner is not for everyone. Besides, there are so many places to look, that… Where to start?

When you have a clear idea of what you are looking for and what you want at that moment in life when you find yourself, that’s when you have to take action. Investigate the different places where you can find it and get to it.

How do you take care of a relationship?

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But getting to know yourself and that special someone better and feeling the same way is not the only thing. Nor is it the most difficult, although it may seem so. The ultimate test is to maintain and grow within that relationship. Because, even though this is how all those love films end, this is when the hard part begins.

Everyone knows that there is no magic formula. A few steps to follow that make a relationship work and make it perfect. If that were the case, everyone would be happy and would be matched. Besides, there would be neither infidelity nor deceit. But since this is not the case, it is advisable to follow only some advice from people who have maintained stable and lasting relationships, to keep them if desired.

  • Share time doing what you enjoy most. Although it is not necessary to spend 24 hours together, it is good to be able to share some activities and hobbies.
  • Communication, sincerity, trust and respect. It is important to be able to be sincere and feel safe in order to face all the difficulties that may arise. It is clear that nobody likes absolutely everything about another person. But you have to learn to appreciate and understand both their lesser and their greater.
  • Take care of attraction and desire. Once you start it is all passion, but with time you must not let that flame go out. It’s not bad to have a little fun once in a while.

So is the perfect relationship possible?

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Each person is unique. Personality, tastes, hobbies, interests, fantasies, beliefs, values… There are many things that influence and that we cannot foresee.

Some people believe that a perfect relationship can be achieved, others, however, do not. No one can guarantee anything, and that is because not everything in life is rosy, nor can we expect it to be so.

The Prince Charming you see in the movies and the prototype of the perfect woman with a spectacular body do not exist. That’s why the important thing is to know yourself and be brave enough to be honest.

To take a step forward, to be aware of what you are like and what the person you are dating is like. Without trying to change it or make excuses. Because as couples get to know each other, evolve and deepen their relationship, more things will come up.

So it is important to keep an open mind from the beginning. And if, for whatever reason, it doesn’t work out or you look for incompatible things, you can leave it and get over it, with time. Without forcing or prolonging the situation unnecessarily, spending effort, encouragement and time on something that does not work just because of sex, which can easily be achieved thanks to the female escorts, for example.