Is Google getting better – SEO Tips

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Nowadays, due to its immense popularity and use, the internet is an advertising tool that has the most benefits. Almost all companies and small businesses have a website that they use to present their products and services, and also to establish communication with their customers.

In order to manage a successful webpage, people have to get familiar with the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and learn how to use it improve their website’s ranking on the most popular search engine – Google. If you are a beginner, our advice is to learn more about the basics of SEO (what it is and how it works exactly), because in this text we are going to give you some basic tips regarding Search Engine Optimization.

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One of the most important aspects of Google SEO is the page title and description. Since, as stated by, you want your customers to find you without any difficulty, you have to come up with a unique but easily remembered home page title. You can incorporate the name of your company and a brief description of the services or your location. Likewise, titles of other pages have to describe what each of them is about. When it comes to writing the description you have to use certain words that potential customers might type into the search engine. This means that you should be careful when choosing the keywords for your website. Google will show the list of websites that contain specific keywords, but you should try not to overuse them. Also, keep this description short, see it as a mean for you to describe what the people will find on your website in as few words as possible, and don’t repeat the title of the webpage.

Furthermore, don’t forget about the structure of the URLs. Make them simple and concise, avoid using unnecessary information, and also try to use the words that describe that page but without including keywords. This way the search engines will easily recognize URLs thus you will improve your ranking.

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In addition, you should use internal links. What are those? Well, our advice is to put links with an anchor in every text. When visitors click on that link it will take them to another page that is a part of your website. These links have to be easily recognizable for the search engine in order to optimize the SEO, but they also have to be understandable for the visitors and help them navigate the website without any trouble. Clearly, you should only connect related articles. These links can help you to establish an hierarchy on your site, enabling you to give the important pages and posts more link as compared to other pages. Using the right internal linking strategy can help you to enhance your SEO to a great extent. To know how you can do that, visit Page Traffic.

Another way for the search engine to quickly find your website is ALT Tags. In order to make your webpage more appealing to the visitors, you have to post photos and videos. The trick is not to forget to put keywords into the description of each of your posts. By adding a description to each picture and video, and of course, incorporating keywords, you are allowing the search engine to find and display your webpage among the top hits according to

Lastly, since millions of people search for information via their smartphone instead of computers and laptops, you have to create a mobile version of your website. As you know, Google is trying to provide its users with the best experience possible, which means that only webpages with the mobile-friendly interface will be shown among the best results.

All in all, these are some basic advice when it comes to SEO optimization. In addition, don’t forget to regularly add interesting content, which goes without saying.

You can think of creating an SEO roadmap like building a house. Doing so will help you create a robust strategy that has a strong foundation and lots of layers. Check out this article so you won’t try to build your roof without starting at the foundation first.