Is Flat Iron Better Than A Straightener?


Hair care and hairstyle in products have become popular in recent years. Rather than going to the salon or a parlor to get things done, people can now make their favorite hairstyles at home. Flat irons, straighteners, and brushes all do the same to your strands. While the final result is the same the process is different with all of these tools.

To know which one is better for the health of your tresses, you should understand the differences between them. In this article, we will try to compare these to tools and how well they can function for different types of hair.

What Is a Flat Iron?


A flat iron is self explanatory and you might know about it. It works to use two different parts of iron by pressing strands between them. Two prongs of the tool are attached to plates that heater and straighten each lock. A flat iron comes for different types of plates including titanium, ionic and ceramic.

But it is not only used for straightening and has diverse applications like curling and giving a wavy look. However, we would recommend doing it only after you’re comfortable with the tool to experiment. It has come as a life saver for many women who fought tangles in their curly hair everyday.

But the initial heat was very damaging for the hair which needed to be taken care of. Current technology has special layers of protection on the plates which keeps it away from infrared heat. Even with long term use and everyday functioning, the damage to your beautiful dresses is reduced with tourmaline ceramic meant for enhancing shine and keeping the moisture locked in.

It is good for anyone who will be using the straightening tool everyday. It also prevents breakage in thicker hair. Coarser hair will do better with titanium flat irons that are effective in keeping the help of the locks intact. Quality hair straighteners from reliable brands like NuMe are better alternatives than trying out products from somewhere you know nothing about.

What are the Other Straighteners?

There is no shortage of alternatives in the market that seem to be giving flat irons some level of competition. Their effectiveness is varying depending on the quality of the equipment being used and also the type of hair that needs to be tamed. Most common among many women today are heated up hair combs for straightening brushes.

Hot Combs


Hot comes are connected to electricity and heat up to a small temperature to gently straighten unruly and coarse hair. They can be used during the detangling method for a better result without wasting extra time on a flat iron. Such a comb has a heat up plate which can be made of half iron and half ceramic.

These are made to hit up to high temperatures quickly to get the process started. The most crucial factor in using this product is that the hair should be free of any moisture left from the wash. Hot combs are becoming popular because of convenience and the time saving factor.

They get closer to the tips of the hair and also help with the roots with which their flat iron cannot reach. It is better to get each lock straightened with precision by using a comb which naturally and slowly changes the waviness of the tresses. An important skill to learn with this tool is positioning of each tool of the comb so that the heat up happens in the right direction.

We would recommend using a heated comb on already detangled hair. The process can be made even more convenient with the use of hair spray as an added layer of protection. It is also best to separate the locks in different sections. One can easily get the perfect hairstyle without overexposing each stand to excessive heat.

Hot Brushes


Hot brushes are very different from hot combs because of the way they are made. Brushes are made differently than comes and offer a different level of heating. Depending on the type of design you choose, it can also blow dry your hair while straightening it.

Consider using a round bristle brush as you normally word with the added advantage of ruling out any waves and curls that might ruin your look. The construction of this brush is much like a normal paddle brush but with ceramic plates covering the surface for better heat protection. If the brush already has a dryer attached to the surface it will be making the job easier and more time saving.

The best approach will be to wear the pros and cons of combs and brushes to find one which suits you best. It also depends on how sleep you want the final look and whether you are inclined towards a smooth blow out.

Which is Better?

Comparing all of these different hair care tools is not easy because their functions are very different. A flat iron is obviously the most effective in heating up right away and helping with larger sections more effectively. The flat iron heats up evenly and distributes the heat to each lock in a particular section.

A comb might take more time for someone who is not used to that technology. A paddle brush on the other hand works just like a normal brush and would be easy to use if you already are used to brushing rather than combing your hair.

All of them will have to be used carefully to master skills like waves and curls. Be open to trying them all out if possible to find one which suits your locks better. To find which one is better, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of the tools.

The Takeaway

A flat iron might be better than a straightener depending on the type of plates and heat protection. Different tools are made for different hair types so it is always important to use them on dry untangled hair.