Is Drinking Coffee Keto-Friendly – 2024 Review

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Being in shape and feeling great is the goal for many people. But, we all know that the biggest obstacle in this journey is the extra weight most of us have due to being slightly lazier than we need to be. We also know that whenever someone wants to lose weight, they hop onto a diet. One of the most efficient diets nowadays is the ketogenic diet, or also known as “keto” in the fitness and health communities. And, that’s also what we’re here to talk about in today’s article.

Knowing which approach to take when structuring and even choosing your diet is of huge importance. You’ll find that these things matter more in the long-run than anything else. Luckily for you, we’re here to help you out make the best possible decisions. If you are a coffee drinker, you’ll love this one. Let’s take a look.

The fundamentals of a ketogenic diet

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Each diet has a different purpose, and the final goal is achieved through different methods. Some people want to lean out so they eat a lot of protein with only a few carbs for the energy boost. Others want to gain weight so they eat calorie-dense foods. The point of a ketogenic diet is to keep the person in something called a “keto” state. This state boosts fat burning capabilities and makes people feel “sharper” and “ready to go”. But, the keto state is instantly ruined when the person following this diet includes eats something that contains carbohydrates.

As you can probably guess, this diet is popular for a good reason. It simply works. However, it’s not easy to follow because you need to keep your body in a state of ketosis every day for a long time. And, this translated means eating less than fifty grams of carbs per day. So, how do I accumulate energy to go through my daily tasks then? – You might ask. Well, by consuming the modern day ambrosia, which is obviously coffee.

Coffee in a keto-friendly diet

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Drinking coffee has always bene one of the best ways to acquire energy for the day. And, this is why most people consume it early in the morning. It gives you that waking energy and you are ready to take on all chores and responsibilities with ease. Many people who never really liked coffee started drinking it after hopping on a ketogenic diet. Here’s why.

While you are on a keto diet, your food choice is limited. Also, most of us are used to eating carbs, and for a simple reason. They are delicious. But, when carbs are taken away from us, the next reasonable thing to do is drink coffee for energy instead. The best way to enjoy yours? Make your own brew or select from the broad range of choices from a top brand and to see how to do it, read more here.

So is coffee really keto-friendly? The answer is yes. It doesn’t contain anything that will put you out of the ketogenic state. Here are a few things that you can do to make consuming it healthier and overall better for your body.

Preparing your coffee while in a keto diet

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You are obviously on this diet because you want to become a healthier individual. Well, here are some of the things that you should do and avoid doing in order to achieve that while boosting your energy with caffeine while on a keto diet.

  • Don’t add any extra sugar in your coffee
  • Try not to consume too much of it because it can cause irregular heartbeat
  • Don’t replace your meals with coffee just because you want to lose weight faster
  • Avoid drinking before sleep because you won’t be able to fully rest for the next day
  • If you notice any side-effects it’s better to find an alternative to coffee rather than force it

Avoid sweeteners and cream in your coffee if you are really looking to consume only healthy and required calories to power up your body during the diet. And, when it comes to alternatives, there are teas that contain caffeine as well. Sugar will put you out of ketosis.

If you want to test the effects of coffee during ketosis

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Some people want to do their own research on everything, and that’s perfectly fine, we support it. So, we decided to give you a few tips. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Caffeine starts being absorbed into your blood in less than fifty minutes upon consuming it, so if you want to test the amount of ketones you have in your blood after consuming coffee, wait at least fifty minutes. You can do the test with a blood ketone meter.
  • Coffee alone won’t be enough to give you that boost of energy that you require. You still need to eat proper food, and if you are training, a lot of protein as well. Doing this may add up carbs slowly, which is why we suggest that you don’t use any milk in your coffee while on a ketogenic diet.

Please note that some people experience serious caffeine withdrawal symptoms upon canceling coffee after long term usage. Speak with your doctor in case you are noticing any symptoms or feeling unwell. Google “caffeine withdrawal condition” for more information on that topic.


All in all, drinking coffee is a keto-friendly thing that a lot of people do. After all, we need the extra energy, especially when we are so limited on eating carbs. There’s nothing wrong with the consumption of caffeine if your goal is to enter ketosis and burn fat, but avoid using sweeteners, milk and sugar because that may mess up your diet completely.

And remember, your health is a lot more important than your looks. So if you feel unwell from drinking coffee or from being on a ketogenic diet in general, it’s better to find an alternative solution rather than force your body into something that doesn’t work well for you.