Understanding Types of iPhone Data Loss With Best iPhone Data Recovery Software

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The phone is something that has slowly changed over the years. Especially mobile phones have had a huge number of changes, and we will witness so many more changes in the future. First of all, a large number of high-quality mobile phones, so-called smartphones, appeared, among which the iPhone stands out for its performance.

This model is one of the most practical models, but also one of those that offer many advanced options that users like and helps them a lot in their daily functioning. But above all, this is one of the models that we can say that there are a large number of cases of data loss or deletion by mistake. This means that a large number of users have lost their data in an unwanted way and are thus left without it. But luckily there is a way to fix it all.

Fortunately, today there are many ways to recover that data, and one such way is apps or software that help fix it all such as Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone or similar good software solutions that can fix that problem. It’s good that we have these opportunities. So let’s take a look at all types of data loss together, as well as software that could help recover them.

What types of iPhone data loss are there?

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As we said above, in a large number of cases iPhone users have faced an unpleasant situation in which they have lost their data. There are actually several ways in which this can happen, for some of you they are known, but for the rest of the readers they are unknown, so let’s see together how the loss or deletion of data from your iPhone device can occur.

1. Destruction of the device

This is the first way a user can face data loss. All this happens at the moment when the iPhone is destroyed and broken and the data itself is deleted or disappeared under the influence of an unwanted process, but if you have your cloud and if you have software, all of this is solvable.

2. When the device is stolen

None of us wants this kind of event to happen, because in that case, we are without a device that can allow us to do our work on the go, but also to be available in more ways. If your device is stolen, data can also be lost or deleted, but this can all be solved with software.

3. In the event of a system error with the iOS operating system

Although iPhones as mobile devices are considered to have the least number of anomalies in terms of software, there is still a very small percentage of software errors that lead to the deletion of data and the loss of everything you had, but temporarily while all that not solved by any of the software solutions for that purpose.

4. In case of unsuccessful updating of the software

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Of course, there are situations like this in which the software can be updated unsuccessfully and all of this can lead to data loss. It is also a situation that is solvable and that there is no need to worry about.

5. If you have a virus on your iPhone

Although these phones are among those that have the best protection, still despite the excellent protection, they can get a virus that can damage the software, hardware, or what is located in terms of data. Most of the time it happens that the data is lost, but all this can be easily repaired through software operation.

6. Via jailbreak

A large number of people try to jailbreak, that is, install another operating system instead of iOS, but it often ends up with data loss and the inability to use the phone. Data can be saved, and if this is happening to you or has happened to you – be calm.

When we know the reasons for data loss, now it remains to see how it can be fixed through software. Let’s find the answer together.

What software can help in the process of recovering data that you have lost from your iPhone device

Since we have already said that there is a solution in the form of software that can recover all lost data, let’s now see together what are those applications can help you in the process of recovering your data.

1. Eassiy iPhone Data Recovery

It is software that is specialized to improve the situation, i.e. to restore all the data. It works with newer versions of the iPhone operating system, as well as newer models. It can easily help you recover pictures, videos, messages, and many other things. It is fast, simple, and can help you in the whole situation, so it might be a good choice for you.

2. UnicTool iFindit

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Another software that can be of help. What is this about? It is a solution that can help you recover data on your iPhone or iPad and some of the programs you use that are part of the operating system. It can also be a smart option that can help you get your phone back to normal.

3. iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery

Another popular solution that can be your choice for getting things back to normal is iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery. The software can help you recover data on your iPhone, and is especially useful for iCloud, iTunes, and other programs that are part of the iOS operating system.

These three software solutions have proven to be the best solution to get the data that can be very easily and simply available to you again, and all that is required is to take care of its recovery.


When a problem like this occurs, even though there seems to be no way out, everything is still okay. It’s all right because there are already great software solutions that can help you recover all the data on your iPhone in a quick, easy, and simple way.