Top 10 Inventions That Changed the World of Technology


Throughout the course of history, there have been several inventions that have changed the world in one way or the other. However, a select few of those have been especially instrumental in changing the world of technology and enhancing it to a new level entirely.

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To give these inventions the credit they are due, in this article we will go through an extensive list of inventions that changed the world of technology for the better. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on crucial details.

1. The Internet


Perhaps one of the most influential and powerful inventions on this list, the Internet has completely revolutionized how the digital world works. It has become one of the most important inventions in our life and many businesses, organizations and technologies depend on the continuous functioning of the Internet for their survival.

2. GPS

GPS, or the Global Positioning System, has eliminated the need of lugging around maps everywhere you go to find your way through the world. The technology was created by the military, and is still actively being used by them, and was later introduced to the world to eliminate excess traffic blockages and give people access to a guiding, live portable map that can direct them to the exact destination they want to go.

3. Email


Communication before email was extremely rudimentary and non-advanced. The only chance of having a seamless communication between employees and other businessmen was to use the telephone. Sadly, the telephone had its own restrictions that consumed too much time, allowed only one-to-one conversation and overcomplicated communication.

In comes email, the one invention that effectively changed how digital communication works which is still extremely relevant and used in today’s date. Email allows individuals to connect to each other seamlessly and have proper communication at their own will.

4. Smartphones

Smartphones are the upgraded versions of their predecessors – cell phones or mobile phones. These phones have now occupied an irreplaceable part in every individual’s life where a normal individual can’t function without one in the society or the economical world. Smartphones allow us to access the entire world at our fingertips and give us features and options that were only available to bulkier devices before.

5. Mobile broadband


Adding up on the last point, smartphones wouldn’t be anywhere in the world if it wasn’t for the valuable contribution of mobile broadband. Mobile broadband allowed mobile handheld devices to utilize cell networks and the internet for effective communication. Mobile broadband is the reason why we can access the internet on our smartphones without which our smartphones will be effectively blocks of metal and glass.

If it weren’t for mobile broadband, we would still be depending on our computers to access the internet and use its resources.

6.Search engines

Before the existence of search engines, accessing the internet was a tremendous hassle. There was practically no way to access websites accurately and even after several technological developments, the only way to access them would have been to type their addresses individually which was a time consuming task.

Enter Google, the first search engine which completely changed how one would search the internet. Search engines allowed users to search specific terms and choose from several websites that showed relevant choices. This allowed new websites a chance to get noticed and businesses finally started thriving because of the internet.

7. Social media sites


Various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp have allowed individuals to connect to each other in ways never seen before. These social media sites are the reason why millions of people can connect with each other from across the world and make global connections that weren’t possible before.

If it weren’t for social media sites, individuals wouldn’t have a way to express themselves, their art and their passion on the internet through viable means. While it’s effects in technology is not realized as much, if it weren’t for social media sites, various technologies that rely heavily on social media sites wouldn’t exist today.

8. Flat screen displays

Flat screen displays were a major upgrade over the bulky CRT displays that not only weighed a ton but also consumed major amounts of electricity while outputting subpar display quality. These displays have revolutionized the technological world by introducing flat TVs and monitors that consume less amount of electricity while delivering a better display quality at an affordable price.

Flat screen displays have made it possible for slim smartphones and laptops to exist. If we were still stuck on CRT displays, we would either have extremely thick digital display devices today or have none at all that could display digital media at an acceptable resolution.

9. Cryptocurrency


The invention of cryptocurrency, also called as digital currency, is a new step towards a world where technology is considered to be the pinnacle of success. Cryptocurrency has allowed people to transact in a currency or commodity that isn’t even physical yet holds the third largest market share in the world right now.

Cryptocurrency is still in its infant stages and we are yet to see what else the currency has in store for us. However, the invention has already started changing digital transactions, investment markets and portfolios for the better.

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10. Semiconductor chips

Perhaps one of the most underrated inventions in this list which most average individuals don’t know about are the semiconductor chips. While not overwhelming by themselves, these small chips are actually the most fundamental part of various technological devices. Everything from a smartphone, laptop to a graphic card is powered through these small components.

If it weren’t for semiconductor chips, we wouldn’t have a way to make components small in size and less power consuming. These chips have been incredibly instrumental in the success of several other inventions other than themselves and that alone makes them one of the top 10 inventions in the world that changed the world of technology.


There are several inventions in the world that changed the way how the technological world works. We hope this article was insightful for you and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.