Top Internet Providers in Tri-cities Washington


Picking the most reliable internet service provider in Washington turns out to be an arduous task indeed. With many internet companies rolling out their offerings, it’s a tough call to make. It’s easy to find yourself in a dilemma when you try to equate bandwidth, consistency, availability, customer support, and affordability.

Top internet service providers in the tri-cities of Washington, such as Rango, have developed strategies that would fit every pocket. You can check this article for more information.

In this article, you will get to know the best internet providers in Tri-cities Washington.

Which ISPs in Tri-Cities, Washington are the most reliable?

Here are some of the best internet providers in Tri-cities Washington.

1. Rango


Rango is one of the best ISPs in Washington, offering a wide range of customized plans to its broad customer base. The objective of this internet company is to work in the underserved zones in Washington and provide reliable internet services in these areas. What you would love about the ISP is the amazing speed of the connection at affordable costs.

Experienced telecom experts operate Rango, who have collectively built a massive network for 4.5 million subscribers. The team behind Rango has more than 60 years of experience in the telecom industry. This explains why they can identify subscribers’ needs and roll out affordable packages in challenging environments.

Rango has a dedicated staff who serve the community tirelessly to provide stable and reliable internet connections for each hub. All the plans include a sophisticated router. Furthermore, all connections are tested for functionality by the professionals. Most notably, Rango’s plans do not have any data caps. One of these packages would provide you with constant speed and bandwidth.

Based on your requirements, you can choose from three plans. These include the Hi-Fi Basic, Hi-Fi Family, and Hi-Fi Pro. Accordingly, the download speed ranges from 100 Mbps to 500 Mbps.

2. CenturyLink


CenturyLink is a reliable internet service provider operating in the tri-cities of Washington. You can choose between DSL and fibre internet. With this provider, one can enjoy uninterrupted HD video streaming, carry out office work, browse the internet, or check out emails. The plans are available for customers with all sorts of needs.

The internet packages from CenturyLink are affordable. Besides, there’s a special package called Price for Life Plan. With this package, the company offers a lifetime guarantee. You would be shelling out $49 a month for 100 Mbps forever. For Fiber Gigabit at 940 Mbps, the monthly subscription would be $65.

However, one of the downsides of this internet provider is the download speed. Customers aren’t sure about the consistency when it comes to large downloads. Nevertheless, the ISP serves a vast area in Washington.

3. Spectrum


Balancing speed and reliability, Spectrum continues to be one of the top internet service providers in Washington. This service provider has rolled out plans that suit domestic and commercial internet users. Whether you are a gamer or a sports enthusiast, you won’t have bandwidth and consistency issues. On the other hand, if you simply used the internet to check out your social media feeds or emails, you also have low-budget packages from Spectrum.

Spectrum’s packages start at $44.95 a month for 100 Mbps. The company doesn’t apply any additional fee for extra data, so there’s virtually no upper cap. Moreover, customers can get a modem free of cost. Besides, you’d like the affordable packages in case you decide to bundle phone, TV, and internet schemes.

Spectrum provides internet speeds as high as 1,000 Mbps for heavy internet users. The schemes range between $64.99 and $104.99 a month in these cases.

4. Fiber Gigabit


This is one of the leading internet service providers, comprehensively covering 40 states, including the whole of Washington. It currently serves more than 27 million homes. Besides, it provides its internet services across certain select zones in the state.

Whether you are a movie buff requiring high bandwidth or a commercial user with too many connections at your office, Xfinity internet would aptly serve your purpose. Moreover, you would like the budget at which the packages are available.

The pricing is quite affordable, and the cheapest package comes at $29.99 a month. You need to sign a service agreement for one year with this plan. The download speed can be as high as 75 Mbps with this package. Evidently, Xfinity internet offers cost-effective plans to connect several devices, check emails, or stream HD videos. Moreover, some student deals are also available. You can also save your cost by bundling phone, TV, and internet plans.

5. AT&T Internet


This is yet another reputed internet service provider in Washington. AT&T Internet provides broadband services across the US. However, only a third of the current users can access the faster plans. This makes AT&T Internet slightly inconsistent in terms of reliability and speed.

With the fibre internet connection, you can enjoy great value for your money. However, the problem with this internet service provider is that it doesn’t provide fast service everywhere in Washington. Instead, it connects homes and offices that use a DSL hybrid or fixed wireless service. This implies that the customers don’t enjoy speeds as high as what they would get with fibre.

Moreover, all the non-fibre plans have data caps imposed on them. It further limits the benefits you can enjoy.


Having mentioned some of the best internet providers in Tri-cities Washington, it would be an intelligible decision to go for Rango. Customers enjoy using this connection at their homes and offices because of their experience and low cost. The plans can be substantially customized, and the connection is reliable. Rango also has its own help desk. As a result, you can readily get assistance from them in the event of a problem. It would be prudent to look over their strategies and choose one of them.