Installing a Sink Above a Washing Machine in a Limited Space: The Pros and Cons

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In the modern world, every day there appears a huge number of household appliances and bathroom equipment that make life incredibly easy for their owners. Such devices and technologies often perform several functions simultaneously. Such fixtures and equipment have begun to appear to make life easier, but also to avoid overloading our homes with a huge amount of home appliances and devices.

When buying an apartment, we cannot always boast of spacious bathrooms, where a sink, toilet, bidet, shower, and hot tub can fit. In this regard, we have to find ways to install everything that is needed in a limited space.

One such solution is to install a sink above the washing machine. However, when choosing such a solution, it can be quite difficult to install it yourself. In this regard, we can not do without the help of a professional plumber who will help to do everything necessary in a short time. You can find a highly qualified plumber here and get a perfect job done.

Now let’s talk about why such a decision is appropriate, and also discuss all the pros and cons.

Positive effect

Many apartment owners have already appreciated the advantages of such a choice and shared their opinion about the choice made.

  • If you are moving to a new house or apartment and you are going to buy new plumbing equipment, as well as household appliances, then you have the opportunity to choose a set that will be made in a single design and will not stand out from the overall view. Because often, if the design is missing, then we can see how this combination spoils the look of the bathroom. Smaller washing machines are available at home improvement and plumbing stores. This is done so that after installing the sink above it, the resident of the house is comfortable using the sink and does not have to stand on his toes. This is especially true for those families who have children.
  • The biggest benefit is that you can save space in your bathroom. If your bathroom does not even have room to turn around, then after making such a decision, you can install additional shelves or cabinets in the vacated space from the washing machine, where you will put clean towels and bathroom items.
  • You will not have to buy additional supplies, pipes, hoses, and so on, since everything will be in one place next to the water supply and drainpipe.

Disadvantages of this choice

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  • If you have a standard-size washing machine, you will find that the sink is at an uncomfortable height for many people in your home. You will have to buy a step stool for children so that they can wash their hands and brush their teeth comfortably.
  • Moreover, there will be no additional space under the sink. That is, approaching the sink, your legs will rest against the washing machine, which for many people can be a particular inconvenience.
  • If you have a large family with several children, then a huge amount of dirty clothes accumulate in a day. Many housewives see a special need to buy washing machines with a large drum to be able to wash a lot of clothes at a time. Once you decide to install the sink above the washing machine, you will need to make a special hole in the wall to place the washing machine so that it does not protrude beyond the sink.
  • Carrying out general cleaning in the house, housewives try to wash hard-to-reach places where dust accumulates. Now another such place will appear in the house between the sink and the washing machine. Dust in such a space will quickly accumulate and the housewives will have to invent ways to solve this problem.
  • Many people choose to buy a flat sink to make it look nice. However, such sinks are sometimes not practical, because you will see how from the surface of such a sink, splashes will scatter in all directions and the floor in the bathroom will be constantly wet.

What is important to remember when choosing and installing a sink over a washing machine?

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  • The most optimal capacity for the washing machine drum should be no more than 4 kg of dry laundry. If this is an impractical solution for your big family, then it is better to install a washing machine in the kitchen.
  • A washing machine cannot be placed close to the wall, because to lay communications, it is necessary to leave a distance between the wall and the washing machine of at least 8 cm.
  • A washing machine is an electrical appliance. Therefore, it is important to prevent moisture from getting on the control panel or the electrical wire. To do this, you need to buy a sink larger than a washing machine, or so that their dimensions match.
  • For comfortable use of the sink and washing machine, it is best to buy a washing machine with a width of about 40 cm and a sink with a width of 50 cm.
  • Buying installation parts can be challenging if you buy the sink and washing machine separately, so it’s best to buy a kit.
  • Give preference to sinks made of artificial stone.
  • The sink should be fixed to the wall with special brackets.
  • After installation, it is important to check everything for leaks.


Being engaged in the arrangement of the bathroom, it is necessary to immediately assess the situation. You may decide to install a sink above the washing machine. This solution has both advantages and disadvantages. For the installation of such parts to be convenient and look nice, it is necessary to think over the design of the sink and the size of the washing machine in advance, so as not to encounter some inconveniences later.