Innovation In The Carpentry Industry


For centuries, people have regarded carpentry as an actual profession. Since ancient times, our ancestors have known how to use wood in building shelters as well as household furniture for their daily living. As time went by, this has grown as a huge industry relative to other economic sectors.

To some people’s knowledge, the advancements in technology have hardly any influence on carpentry. However, it is a misconception. Thanks to technological innovations, carpenters have found the carpentry job much easier.

The article below will show you the most influential innovations that transformed commercial carpentry significantly. Let’s take a look, and you are good to go!

Power Tools

The most outstanding innovation you should know is the power tools. In the past, without the emergence of power tools, people used to finish their tasks in several hours. In contrast, now just a few minutes is enough for that workload.

Besides, each small task in a working process seems to be much easier.  Thanks to drills, carpenters could screw wood together in a fraction of time. Power saws are not only fast but also more productive and accurate as well. Besides, power sanders save a huge amount of working time.

When it comes to making a framework for tall buildings, normally, it takes them around years to finish the project. Obviously, without power tools, they had to measure, calculate all factors carefully and combine the pieces all together manually.

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Stronger Tools

Besides power tools as a game-changer, hand tools also make a considerable impact on carpentry. The former tools had no ergonomic tools, which creates less pressure on the carpenters’ joints.

Especially, thanks to highly resistant materials, current tools have superior longevity. They could still work well in many years and for numerous projects. The former tools have a huge disadvantage in spots. As being hand-forged, the spots are so weak that they could break anytime.

Nowadays, people make tools with modern machines. All companies apply unique metal combinations. Normally, almost all hammerheads contain high carbon and well-heated steel to make them more strong and durable.

Since the beginning stage of commercial carpentry, no one knows this method well. Fortunately, tools stay so long that carpenters don’t have to worry about changing them steadily. These new materials have brought commercial carpentry into a better stage, making it a powerful industry in the economy.

Innovative  Safety Technologies

As we all know, safety is also a crucial criterion when considering working a job. We could not deny the danger of commercial carpentry, but it is already equipped with safety technologies. A huge diversity of examples are available for safety- technologies, and here are some typical ones.

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Wearable body monitors

This invention helps people be aware of the location, working progress, and safety at their workplace.


With these products, workers could directly check the safety of the working areas by themselves. This machine could detect the safety of all areas.

Top saw machine

What calls for special attention is that heavy machines or power tools both contain safety features. For instance, Stopsaw will schedule table saws to identify whenever anyone touches them by finger or any other part of our bodies. Then, no matter whether you are cutting or not, the saw will stop automatically by no means.

No one could guarantee that there are no injuries during working. Eventually, the highly experienced carpenters could make mistakes by getting distracted or slipping, let alone other ones. Therefore, thanks to this product, workers will stand significantly less likelihood of getting injured when working.

When you do not use the carpentry machines, there is no need to put your hands near the press, hammer, etc., Also, large machines will have automatic guards or safety locks to make sure that it is safe all the time.

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Design Software

Design software helps to make your whole project have the highest accuracy scale possible. There are hardly any mistakes in measurements or placements like before.

It is even more precise for the large buildings as having a 3D model of the entire view. Carpenters could see any potential issue arising in the process to optimize the effectiveness of the work.

Also, whenever you check your work, the design software will update all changes you have made to help you check your work progress. In a word, thanks to design software, carpenters will have a much better work efficiency with higher accuracy as well as fewer work issues.

Cordless Tools

Great as power tools are cordless tools is breakthrough advancements in the carpentry industry. These tools are cordless, so workers could flexibly use them anywhere at the worksite.

This invention is a perfect choice for commercial carpentry. While the old version forces you to lug power tools around a generator, this product just requires a few batteries to make your free work at any site.

Notably, for big buildings, it is greatly convenient as they are cordless and portable. People could work faster and be more productive as well.

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About the drastic development of the carpentry industry, the company Carpinteria Vigo – a leading company in this field, is a typical example to name.

Carpinteria Vigo is a company that focuses mainly on creation. As a big company, it offers consumers a wide range of choices, ranging from kitchen and bathroom fittings to custom-built furniture.


Now we bet that you have got a clear understanding of the innovation in the carpentry industry. To sum up, thanks to the advancements in technology, the carpentry industry is growing quickly with higher quality products, making carpentry a big field in the world economy.