The Influence of Essay Writing Services on Students’ Progress


This critical article focuses on the phenomenon of custom writing assistance and the way it can impact students and their academic performance. It offers pros and cons one may face.

The Impact of Essay Writing Services on Students’ Learning and Academic Performance

Thousands of students actively use custom writing services during their learning. It’s a common and sometimes forced measure to be successful. They are overburdened with tons of all possible kinds of academic tasks and duties. Their skills, knowledge, and time are not always sufficient to succeed and get the most out of their essays or other papers. As a result, the use of a good essay-writing service seems to be a great solution.

The Internet is full of cries for help that look like this – Who can write my essay for me? They hope to find the right companies with professional writers. Many issues require professional attention. Yet, many people doubt this kind of solution. They aren’t quite sure that it can help to become more effective learners. We can say that online writing aid can impact your learning and academic performance in positive and negative ways. Let’s check both possibilities.

Negative Impact – Not a Verdict


Today, you can find crowds of students who regularly use custom writing aid. Such students make a huge mistake because they misuse professional services. Someone else always does their assignments. As a result, youngsters stop developing their skills. Their progress is hindered because of their laziness. This is the mistake they should avoid at all costs!

This behavior leads to academic degradation. You may not be able to cope with the simplest paper on your own. Many students could learn from the papers they order, but they ignore this possibility as well. It’s a verdict for them because everything can be changed. They only need to use professional aid when nothing else works. Just be honest with yourself!

Positive Impact – High Chance for Success

Now, let’s check the positive effects of professional aid. They are more than simply attractive or probable. You can solve the most complicated tasks and learn a lot from professional writers, proofreaders, and editors. Here are the main positive effects for you:

  • Improved skills. When professionals help you, make the most of it. Read all their papers (done for you) attentively, outline interesting points, and try to use them in your own projects. You can also ask for explanations and examples. Commonly, writers explain how they completed all the stages in any paper they write.
  • Enriched knowledge. You can enlarge your knowledge and experience by reading the project done for you, as well as requesting similar samples, reading helpful guides, articles, etc., which are commonly offered for free.
  • Better determination of goals. When you see the way professionals easily cope with various projects, you can understand the best strategies for completing your own assignments. You be inspired, have the right examples, and boost your determination to be a successful student.
  • Enhanced grades. As a result of the previous points, your average academic rating improves. You get the highest possible grades for your projects and thus reach your goals easily.

What Do Custom Platforms Offer?


We’d like to end our critical review by mentioning the main benefits you can reap when you deal with a dependable and effective custom writing agency. These are as follows:

  • High quality

Highly reputed writing agencies always meet the demands of all educational institutions. Their writers are well prepared to cope with the toughest challenges. They use an individual approach, which means all of your demands will be completed exactly as you wish. Contact your helper on the predetermined hours and learn the latest news. If you need any adjustments, feel free to provide them. Pro writers are flexible and quickly adjust even to unexpected changes.

  • Pretty cheap prices

A respectful and top-rated writing agency never lets down its customers. It surely offers fair and affordable prices. They suit the budgets of ordinary students. Moreover, every order can be customized. If the price is too much for you, change your own settings in the application form to get a profitable bid.

  • Any academic features

Custom writing agencies surely offer the whole spectrum of academic features. Professionals surely master all the necessary academic skills – writing, editing, outlining, proofreading, citing, and others. They can cope with any essay type, as well as with any dissertation, coursework, term paper, personal statement, resume, and so on. As there are hundreds of specialists, there will be no shortage of choice. You will easily find experts at

  • Swift assistance

You may not worry about your deadlines when you work with a reliable custom writing agency. It surely has qualified and experienced writers and editors. They can quickly tackle any text and meet really short time limits. You only need to provide clear demands. If they are manageable, you will surely get your order before the deadline is over.

  • Authentic projects

Pro platforms always do their papers from scratch. It means they are never copied or rewritten because every new order is unique in its own way. Professionals treat every order with due respect and do not even use their previous papers to copy something. All is done anew.

They always check their own work. They use special plagiarism checkers. These apps help to spot and get rid of the slightest signs of plagiarism. You can request help with formatting as well.

  • Hourly support and care

Of course, you can access an online platform whenever you may require assistance. It’s always at work to accept even the most urgent orders. Besides you can also request the aid of a team of customer support.

Commonly, all respectful platforms have responsive consultants. They are at work 24/7 and happily answer any questions related to their company’s policies. You can find them in the live chat room to leave your inquiries. The answers will come in 2–5 minutes only.

Summing Up

As you can see, these benefits are amazing. Professional platforms can always make your learning life easier and more convenient. Simply use them reasonably to have enough time for the improvement of your skills. This is a secret of your success and progress.

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