India Arie And Chris Tucker Are Dating For 13 Years?

Image source: Strathmore

Twitter lit up on Thursday after rumors began to circulate that comedic actor Chris Tucker and singer India Arie have been in a secret relationship for 13 years. People were surprised that anyone could keep a relationship under the radar for that long, especially in the show business, and now India Arie has responded to the gossip.

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“Me and Chris Tucker been dating for 13 years?!!! 13 YEARS?! Whew chile! Thats some STRONG BLACK (LOVE ) Tea Hot beverage,” she tweeted. “Soooo, NO. I Do not date @christuckerreal ~ we went on A date or 2 … apparently that was 13 years ago? I really don’t remember Lol… I STAN Black Love. Black MEN. Dignity of black women. Spirituality. And the right to GOOD LOVE and SELF CARE.HAVE for 20 years. #crazy”, India responded.

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