8 Tips That Will Improve Your Division 2 Gaming Skills – 2024 Guide

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Whether you are just starting out with Division 2 or if you have been playing it for quite some time, you might be wondering what you should do to become better. Well, the most crucial thing that you can do is to improve your gaming skills. This will not only help you with this particular game but, with other ones as well.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can improve your knowledge and skills, this article might be able to help you quite a lot, especially since it will feature some useful tips. Let’s take a closer look at what you should do in order to improve how well you perform in Division 2:

  1. First Things First: Research The Franchise Entirely

The very first thing that you’ll want to do is do some digging on the game. Learn everything there is about it, including the equipment you can get, and the strategies you can use for specific situations. By doing this, you’ll know exactly what you should do, you’ll know which weapon might be best, and you’ll definitely ensure success.

  1. Watch Walkthrough Videos And Read Tutorials

It is always useful to watch other people enjoying the same video game as you. This will not only help you with, for example, learning how you can pass a particular level or quest but, it will also help you with learning new strategies and techniques for completing Division 2.

Additionally, the person who posts an online walkthrough video always talks while finishing quests, which means that you can get a lot of advice from them. Reading tutorials or handy tips & tricks can be also quite useful, especially since you’ll understand how everything functions and operates.

  1. You’ll Need Time For Practicing

Perhaps the most crucial thing that you can do is make time for practicing. Of course, you are not trying to be a pro here, but, having and sticking to a schedule will help you with focusing on the play, instead of worrying about the things you need to do. Hence, you should choose a time when you’ll practice and stick to it every day.

  1. Opt For Getting Better Equipment

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Now, we are not talking about your computer or headset, we are talking about the equipment for your in-game character. For instance, you can get a Warlords of New York boost on lfcarry.com that will help you proceed faster, as well as gain new abilities for your character. There are hundreds of other packages that you can opt for such as the ones found on Ifcarry.com, all of which will help you improve while playing.

  1. Learn to Control Your Emotions

Let’s be honest, almost all of us get angry when we lose a match or have to start a quest all over again. But, you’ll need to learn how to control your emotions and anger when this happens. Instead of taking it as a defeat, learn from it. Remember the mistakes you made, and try to correct it the next time you are trying to beat a level.

  1. Yes, You Can Unlock Everything

You might, at times, feel like you chose a perk that is not suitable for what you need, however, you should not worry a lot about the decision you made. Throughout the plot, you will be able to gain additional experience points as presents for completing the main mission, hence, you can always try something completely different.

This is why you should keep in mind that you can actually unlock everything, but, you’ll probably need to play the game for a long time. With all of this in mind, you should try and feel motivated about succeeding, especially now that you are aware that you can actually accomplish all the achievements.

  1. Experimenting With Different Skill Combinations is Key

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Yes, you can simply choose to unlock one type of each of the abilities you have, however, you should know that this is only the beginning of what you can do. Each of them actually has at least 2 or 3 more types that you can unlock by using cache points, and each of them will completely change the game.

You should know that it is definitely worth trying different things with each of them, especially since you’ll be able to discover and understand new strategies that you can use for playing. And, if your first choice for skill was not good, fear not, its alternatives might be suitable.

  1. Perks Need to Be Used

Perks are, let’s say, weaker than skills, however, tweaking them can actually help you with your game. For this, you’ll need to head to the Quartermaster located in The White House, and then you can spend the cache points that you have collected while out on patrols. The game does give players a lot of these points, hence, ensure that you go back frequently in order to spend them on some things that can help you even further.

A lot of people recommend that it is wise to choose the four Accolade perks first. These incorporate a ‘headshot’ accolade, something that will give you extra XP when you manage to take out an enemy with a headshot. When you look at the rest, you’ll see that there are various perks that will all help you with gaining XP and other bonuses.

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Next, you can opt for the armor pack and grenade restock since both of these things will allow you to securely loot fallen enemies and cases. If you love crafting, do not forget to get the Deconstruction perk since you won’t be able to craft anything without it. It will also provide you with additional materials for creating items and you’ll inventory space will be increased.

One more thing that you should remember is that you should keep at least some of the points until you reach Lvl 30. This is wise since you’ll need them for the signature weapon ammunition, as well as field proficiency cache perks. These things are quite helpful if you want to complete the game.


So, there you have it. These are some of the most important things that you should do if your goal is to improve your gaming skills for Division 2. Hence, now that you know what you can do, do not lose time. Instead, start from the first tips in the article, and start researching everything there is about this franchise.