Learn The Art of Writing an Essay – Important Steps To Essay Writing

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Essay writing is a complex and time-consuming process that requires profound insight, subject knowledge, and language mastery. Writing an essay is both an art and a science because it entails a perfect style of writing that adheres to the basic rules and norms of language, grammar, and sentence composition. And also the art of presenting ideas and thoughts in a coherent manner that leaves a lasting impression on the reader through its very relevant portrayal of thoughts on the topic.

Essay can be considered as a collection of knowledge that has been organised creatively and scientifically. It is not only concerned with emotions, ideas, and thoughts but also linked to the facts and figures that can never be refuted and have universal implications. It is made up of an enhanced subject matter that has been tried, qualified, and experimented with over time to give it a solid foundation.

Writing an essay encompasses two parts of a topic. One is the topic’s essential aspect, and the other is the topic’s significance to the environmental implications and usefulness. The crucial foundation of essay writing is profoundly linked to the research of the topic, without which an essay would simply be an outer cover with little content and insight. The essay writer has to correctly study the basic facts and key findings only then can the topic be thoroughly examined and interpreted. After studying the core issues, the writer is put to the test on his or her writing abilities.

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This is when the ‘art’ of essay writing comes into play, as personal experience, education, surroundings, and thought process all play a role in the writing process. Any issue can be understood in a variety of ways. This understanding is based on the writer’s personal mindset. A topic could be interpreted in a sarcastic tone, or in a soft tone. Similarly, if the writer has personally experienced grief, anguish, suffering, death, or melancholy, the essay will undoubtedly reflect a sympathetic or a sad tone.

Writing an essay entails a wide range of social, political, economic, anthropological, sociological, psychological, and demographic topics, all of which can only be explored and interpreted if the writer is well-versed in them. This articulation of the writer’s intent in a purely inspiring way touches the mind and heart of the reader is called  the ‘art’ of essay writing.

Steps to write an essay:

In order to craft an accomplished essay, the writer must take a systematic approach to writing it. It is critical that the writer understands the issue in its entirety and follows the basic procedures. It is quite beneficial to follow specific steps, which are explained below, in order to produce a successful essay.

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1. Establishing the context

The writer must first establish the context for writing an essay. Only if a piece of writing justifies its context can it be appreciated. The length of the essay, the page format, and the target audience (teacher, superior, students, or the general public) are all factors in determining context. It becomes easier for the writer to frame thoughts in accordance with the context once it is established.

2. Topic Selection

The essence or the soul of an essay is its topic. If the writer chooses a topic, he or she should choose one that they are passionate about. This entails an intricate aspect of “art” that provides the essay a soul by transmitting the concepts in such a way that the readers are forced to consider the criticality of the subject presented with such poise, expertise, and maturity.

3. Research

The writer should collect as much information as possible from all available sources, including the internet, libraries, and pertinent data, in order to acquire evidence to support the thesis assertions. Proper research necessitates a thorough understanding of the topic in order for the essay to convey the intended message to the readers.

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4. Analysis

By coordinating the facts and relevant material, the writer can be sure of gaining a thorough understanding of the issue and even plan the structure of writing the essay points through an analysis of the essay’s arguments.

5. Brainstorming

Brainstorming is one of the most effective methods for gathering diverse and opposing viewpoints on an essay topic. It also entails a great deal of insight and aids the writer in comprehending the perspectives of others while relating it to the issues and the arguments of an essay.

6. Planning the essay

Choose the greatest idea and solidify it to build the thesis statement. Before writing, the writers should obviously design an outline, i.e. a sketch, to assist them connect their thoughts and organise the order in which they will write the assertions verifying the topic.

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7. Writing the essay’s body

The introduction should pique the reader’s interest. It is never a good idea for writers to generalise introductory sentences. They should use ‘I’ phrases with caution. The thesis should be the focus of the paragraphs. Beginning paragraphs with topic sentences, affirmation of the topic, and expounding concepts in the clearest, most sensible manner is recommended.

8. Correct use of language

Correct grammar, sentence construction, and proper and coherent flow of the sentences are critical. Before submitting the essay, the writer should always read the full script from beginning to end to check the coherence of the essay and how each line flows into the next. All of the paragraphs should be connected, and no sentence should be left unfinished.


The writer should always synthesise key elements and make recommendations on how to approach the subject as a whole. The essay should be formatted accurately and in accordance with the rules. The conclusion of the essay should summarise the main points of the overall argument. All these aspects of the essay, if combined accurately, can transform an essay into a significant piece of writing.