5 Gift-Giving Ideas for Your Paper Anniversary in 2024

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In celebration of each wedding anniversary, it’s traditional to give a gift made of a specific material. After one year of marital bliss, something made of “paper” is customary. Paper is fragile and represents the newness of your union, but it can also serve as a blank slate for you to write your own “happily ever after” story.

If you’re approaching your first anniversary and looking for a sentimental surprise, we’re here to help. With these thoughtful gift ideas, you can show your spouse just how much he or she means to you:

Photo Art

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Designer photo gifts are the perfect way to mark your first anniversary. A beautiful, framed print featuring you and your love will complement your existing décor and make you both smile. Perhaps you may want to use your favorite wedding photo or create a collage of special moments shared together. Black and white photos are timeless and elegant, while full-color ones will add a splash of personality to your walls. You can click here to find out more about it.

A Handwritten Letter

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A handwritten love letter will be adored as a keepsake paper gift that your loved one will cherish forever. With this being a personal gesture, the words you write, of course, should describe your feeling and love for him or her. For example, write a poem, list all the things you appreciate about him or her, or show your wit with a humorous quote.

If you’re fresh off an expensive wedding and thinking about great 6 month anniversary gifts, this is the perfect gift.


Paper Flowers

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Flowers are always an appreciated anniversary gift, and for year one, you can make your own from paper! This is a fun way to be creative, and the results will last a lifetime. With just crepe paper or tissue paper, floral tape, embellishments, and scissors, you’ll be able to make a unique bouquet that’s worth remembering.

A Book

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Depending on your spouse’s interests, a book might very well serve as a perfect anniversary gift. It could be a bound blank journal, recipe book, gardening guide, biography, novel signed by the author or first edition print of their favorite childhood story. Consider including a romantic note inside the cover, so he or she will think of you every time they open it.

The 365 Note Jar

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Another homemade paper gift idea is the 365 jar. Find an inexpensive jar and label it with “365 reasons why I love you” and instructions to only pick out one piece per day. Write 365 notes describing why you love your partner and place them inside. Every morning your spouse will wake to a positive message, strengthening your bond as a couple. A 365 jar is both inexpensive and sweet!

A Customized Map

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Is there a city that means a lot to you and your spouse? You can get a customized map of the city you both met or a place that holds great significance for your partner. You can easily commission an artist to create this thoughtful present. There are also some companies available who offer such services.

Astronomy Artwork

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If your partner is a romantic who indulges in astronomy, an astronomy artwork is the perfect first-anniversary gift for them. You can head over to Etsy to get a custom print illustrating the night sky on your wedding day. This gift beautifully symbolizes the day you decided to say ‘I do.’

A Personalized Caricature or Wedding Portrait

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Personalized artwork is an excellent way to mark this special day. You can commission an artist from Etsy, Instagram, or any other online platform to create a quirky caricature or an elegant wedding portrait. It’s a good idea to go with a vibe that matches your existing home decor so you can hang up this piece of art and cherish it forever.

A Memory Scrapbook

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Do you enjoy collecting photographs, ticket stubs, receipts, concert wristbands, and other similar knick-knacks from memorable times? This is the ultimate treasure you need to create a one-of-a-kind first-anniversary gift for your better half. You can use your collection to make a memory scrapbook filled with nostalgia, love, and good times. All you need is a scrapbook, markers, washi tape, and other crafting supplies.

Concert or Theatre Tickets

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Understandably, not everyone has the skills or time to craft a beautiful scrapbook. Does your partner adore a particular band or have expressed a desire to see a play?  You can still make your first anniversary memorable by taking your other half to a concert or play. After the event, you both should go to your favorite restaurant for a romantic meal.

Custom Photo Calendar

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In today’s digital world, people rarely print out photos. But even a digital photograph of the highest resolution cannot recreate the charm of printed photographs. Delight your hubby or wife with a custom photo calendar with your best memories together. It’s a sentimental as well as a practical present that they can display on their desk at work.

DIY Love Coupons

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Did you leave the present shopping for the last minute, and now it’s too late to order anything or make reservations? Yes, you can buy them some flowers, but it’s not special enough for your first wedding anniversary. Instead, get out your crafting supplies and fashion a book of love coupons. You can write things like ‘Dinner Date on Me,’ ‘30-Minute Massage,’ ’Breakfast in Bed,’ ‘Chore Free Weekend,’ ’Extra Gadget Time’ and so on.

Risque Board Games

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Whether you both are homebodies or you enjoy hosting game nights for friends, board games make a delightful gift. You can get strategy-based games like Catan and Clue or something light like Adult Loaded Questions and Card Against Humanity.

Your Love Story

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Instead of gifting a book with someone else’s love story, how about creating one about your own? Make a book of your love story- a gift that will make your partner shed a few happy tears.

The Paper Anniversary

After one year of marriage, it’s traditional to give a paper gift. Photo art, a handwritten letter, a jar of love notes, paper flowers, and books are all gifts worth giving.

Make your first anniversary extra special by putting thought into your gift and adding a sentimental touch. Once you’ve found the perfect gift, don’t forget to wrap it in luxurious wrapping paper.