How To Talk To People on Hook Up Sites That Are Free To Join

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People are not very good at conversation when they are nervous. The same goes for messaging on free hookup apps. You know that you want to meet with this person and that they might reject you, so you are anxious. 

You may consider yourself to be someone who can talk to everyone, but this might not be the case when you want to get a date. And if you’re going to hook up, you need the messaging to go smoothly, feel right and tell the other person just how charming you are. You need to understand the basics of making everything appear seamless, even if you are a bit confused and nervous. 

It will all depend on whether you want to lead a conversation, or you want to answer passively. But, if you are interested in getting as many dates as possible, it’s recommended that you start by sending a message first and being confident enough to lead. If the other person seems to like leading – genuinely, not just because you are lazy – then you can let them. In general, you want to take charge. 

The most important thing, of course, is to set the tone with a fantastic opening line. Make it work for your personality and make it something punchy. It needs to grab attention. When the person replies, here’s what you should do.

Don’t use Pet Names

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Look, unless you are in a long-term relationship with someone, you should never give them a pet name. Even then, it might be ridiculous. So, stay as far away from these as possible. While some people don’t mind that much, some find it repulsive, and they will stop talking to you. 

Don’t call someone sweetie, babe, cutie, beautiful, honey, and so on. You’ve never even met them; you don’t know anything about them, and that’s not an excellent place for calling someone some silly nickname.

If you’re a guy, you should be aware that women hate it – so, don’t risk it.

Don’t Start with Intimate Questions

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Okay, so we are all aware that you want to hook up with someone – just a one-night stand, no strings attached. You’ve made that clear – and so has the other party – by being on a hookup app. However, you should still treat them like a human being and get the conversation going with some lighter topics.

You know, something that would help you get to know them. See their profile, and they might have mentioned something interesting you could use to start the conversation. Tickle their curiosity, and you might get a better response than just by offering coitus. 

Ask Questions

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The issue with this is enormous on all dating apps, not just hookup apps. Either the person doesn’t know how to ask questions at all, or they ask meaningless questions that make you feel like being interviewed.

If you want to get to know someone and get them to go out with you, then you should be more exciting than that. 

The questions like how long they have been on the platform, what they are doing, and so on can be quite dull. You can’t find out anything about that person, and you lose their interest. Every person at any point probably has numerous messages from different people asking how their day was. 

And no one knows how to answer that. That is not a conversation starter that you want to send. Find something funnier and better. 

Answer and Ask

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The best way to lose someone’s interest is to answer their questions without asking any back passively. If you want to get someone to hook up with you, you should be interesting to talk to, not just let the other person speak to themselves. 

See their profile, what they like, what they want, what their interests are, and ask them about it. Be someone they would love to meet up with. And this could be as easy as adding a simple “you?” at the end of your answer. Simple yet so useful in making the conversation easy and flowing. If you want to go a step further, ask a more complicated question. That could save your conversation and entice someone to go on a date with you.

If the topic of the conversation isn’t what you want to talk about, don’t be afraid of changing the subject. No one will mind, as long as you are engaged in that back and forth. For example, ask some simple yet interesting questions. If the conversation is slightly wearing off, introduce a new subject. Ask them about their opinion on something. Show that you care enough. Be charming, be engaged, offer information about yourself on hook up sites, such as, that are free to join. If they don’t respond, then give up on them and move onto someone else. 

So, the following are some basic rules. No matter what you expect or what dating app you choose, you should be able to carry out a decent conversation with another human being. Switch things up, ask more interesting questions or ask the same questions they asked you back, and it will increase your success rate.