How to Stay Fit on Vacation and Enjoy Yourself 2024

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Vacations don’t mean what they used to in the past. For many people, it’s time to cram in as much activity as they possibly can. People rarely go on vacations for the sole purpose of escaping into the woods.

Modern vacationers are choosing destinations to be active more often than not. Going to places where you’ve never been, trying things you’ve never done, are the ways to live and enjoy that vacation.

Try New Things

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Sometimes, the time for vacation is used to learn a new skill. Going away to a camp where you can learn a new skill is a highlight for some people. If you’re going to Florida, you can take a trip to the Daytona Speedway and finally experience what it feels like to cross the line to a checkered flag by enrolling in a driving course that puts you in the seat of an Indy Car with professional drivers.

Golfing is often a sport that people want to learn but don’t have the time. Bird Golf has incredible Florida golf schools where you can stay in luxurious accommodations and discover a whole new sport while you’re there. The meals in the clubhouse restaurants are fabulous as well. The entire family can enjoy a vacation at these resort schools because while one person is learning golf, everyone else can find tons of things to do with their time as well.

Many people associate Florida with theme parks, which implies a lot of walking, but don’t forget that you can learn how to parasail, surf, or go SCUBA diving and become certified so that you can actively dive anywhere in the world as a PADI certified diver. There are sunken ships to explore and museums filled with Spanish doubloons found off the coast of Florida.

These are all fantastic opportunities to explore and learn new things.

Wildlife Watching

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Many people don’t stop to think that when they visit Florida, they are visiting an entirely different ecosystem. The further south you go, the more you find yourself in the tropics.

The opportunities for wildlife watching can be combined with exercise in many ways. For example, Everglades Area Tours will take you kayaking for a half-day, whole-day, or for overnight camping excursions that are more exercise than you’d imagine.

Paddling yourself through mangroves to come close to an alligator and her young hatchlings, spy an Anhinga catching fish, or a swamp raccoon along the shoreline will surely have you with a camera at the ready. It will also have you burning tons of calories and wearing yourself out.

It’s all about adventure, and you’ll get plenty of that in Florida, even if you are just out fishing. Many chartered fishing boats are available for day excursions that will have you fighting marlin or tarpon that give you the experience of a lifetime. The moment the bait is taken, your heart will race with the scream of the spool as the line runs out.

By the time you land that fish, your arms will ache, but your smile will cause just as much ache in your cheeks, and your memories of this activity-involved vacation will last you and your family for a lifetime.

Set aside some time to enjoy the water parks and theme parks. There are animal-themed parks, children’s fantasy parks, ocean animal parks, museums, Spanish ruins, forts in cities like St Augustine, and so much more. There is so much time to relax and enjoy surroundings, but Florida is a place that is worth exploring.


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Being on vacation means disconnecting to the fullest, including the type of training. I recommend that if you are runners and have a week of vacation, take advantage of it so as not to run and rest both physically and mentally from that training. Likewise, if you are lifting pounds, it will be a week of swimming, running, and other activities. That is the idea to disconnect. You can do various activities

1. Swim, ride, mountain bike, etc. Activities that can be light or moderate with a reasonable caloric expenditure and that allow you to disconnect and “chute” interesting endorphins.

2.Water sports. There are many of them, the best known PadelSurf, Surf, Windsurf, KiteSurf, and so on. All are interesting to practice in the water, and very fun. You can practice them with the help of a specialized technician, and it will make you enjoy them to the fullest.

The Key to Achieving your Goal: Food

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The key is none other than food, as always. If we stop doing all those things when we return from vacation, we will gain 4 or 5 kilos more. In addition to having increased our fat percentage and lowered muscle, we will have thrown away many months of hard work.

We are going to give you some tips to have a vacation full of gastronomic pleasures but intelligently planned.

Tips on Holiday Food

  • Careful with free buffets

That you can take everything you want does not mean you have to end the whole assortment. Use common sense and fill in the dishes as you would at home. Do not forget that your energy expenditure is probably being lower than usual, so do not want to eat until bursting.

  • Look closely at drinks

Here is one of the points that can ruin the work of the year. As with water, if you are thirsty, do not drink alcohol or smoothies. You can have a smoothie as a snack, or a couple of beers if you go out at night.

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  • Try intermittent fasting

Even if you are on vacation, you don’t want to exaggerate with food. That will prevent an alarming increase in weight. Intermittent fasting on vacation is interesting, especially when dinner has been very copious.

  • Continue cooking

If you have rented an apartment, or have your home kitchen, eat like any other day. This way, you control your diet more. And enjoy meals outside. It is good to disconnect from what we usually eat and try something new and different. The products and cuisine of the area where you are will almost certainly be the healthiest and best for your body.

  • And please, TURN OFF THE MOBILE.