How to Sell Property Fast at Higher Rates

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The average property seller spends approximately $20,851 to sell their home, according to a hidden cost of selling property analysis by Zillow and Thumbtack. If you have sold a home before, you are familiar with the costs property sellers incur while listing their homes. You have to spend money on home-prep like painting, repair, and staging to attract buyers. Then there are real estate commissions, closing costs, not to mention the cost of moving, which can amount to several thousands of dollars. When it comes to selling your property fast then there is no match in services who are guaranteeing a sale within just 7 days.

As a property seller, your goal is to sell your home faster while making more money. Unfortunately, the property market is unpredictable: the selling process may take longer with seller’s costs consuming 10% of the sale price of the property. Nonetheless, if you are looking to sell your property faster and earn high profits without the help of a realtor, there are simple yet effective strategies you must follow.

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Understand What Home Buyers Want

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The key to marketing your property is understanding what potential home buyers are looking for in the market. For instance, are they searching for properties close to the highway so that they can get to work faster or close proximity to good schools, shopping malls, and other social amenities? While location, social amenities, quality of schools, offices, and ease of transportation are key features to consider before listing your home for sale, you must also emphasize the exterior and interior designs. Focus on what makes your home unique and attractive to potential buyers.

According to, “As a home seller committing to sell their house without a real estate agent, you should take some time to get everything sorted in advance. That includes spending time undertaking some vital prep work.” Prep work entails making sure your home is market-ready, consulting real estate professionals, and providing accurate details of your home. When you have a good idea of what attracts home buyers, and what you need to do to add value to your home, you can convince potential buyers that the value you are offering is worth their investment.

Smart Renovations Add Value

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While it might sound ideal to work on the exterior design and interior décor of your home, you should start with structural elements. That means, fixing faults affecting the plumbing system and electrical wiring. Once you have worked on the structural elements, you can move to cosmetic changes. For many homebuyers, natural light, spacious rooms, and a fresh coat of paint are key considerations.

If there are parts of the house that are small and dark, consider removing unnecessary dividers or walls to create extra space and allow natural light to flow. Additionally, paint walls with neutral colors, update the kitchen, bathroom, and enhance curb appeal. Smart home renovations require a considerable amount of cash, but they make up for the investment by increasing home value and allowing you the opportunity to list your home at a higher price.

Set Competitive Prices from the Start

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Pricing your home right from the beginning saves you a lot of time and money. Keep in mind that property buyers are cautious of sellers who set high or very low prices. If you overprice, you risk reducing prices after every few weeks, and, as a result, buyers become skeptical of the declining rates. Settle for low prices, and you could be counting losses or have your house take too long to sell because customers are afraid something is awry with your property.

Understanding the fundamental keys that determine the cost of homes is the first step to setting the right prices. You need to assess the location of your home. Is it located near quality schools, social amenities, and the highway? It pays to find out how much it costs to sell a home in the area, evaluate the condition of the house, and the cost of upgrades.

Choose the Right Time to Sell 

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Timing determines how quickly you sell your property and the profit you will make. For any property seller, summer is the best time to sell homes. You are likely to sell at higher rates quickly when the weather is warm because buyers are eager to move to new homes before kids go back to school. According to the National Association of Realtors, 40% of annual home sales volumes that average 2.1 million purchases take place during the summer season from May through to August.

Another reason summer is a good time to sell property is because of the longer days. Buyers tend to view properties a lot because of the longer days, giving your listing more exposure through increased traffic. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of receiving reasonable offers from different buyers.

Use Effective Marketing Strategies

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In this digital era, marketing your property online is an excellent way to ensure you reach a large population of target home buyers. However, unless you are an expert in the real estate market and have a successful website, it will take time to convey your message to the right audience. Most sellers consult marketing experts to help them understand the complex strategies of digital marketing. You, too, can hire an expert, or decide to implement proven techniques for advertising property online and stay ahead of the competition.

Although building a professional website may not be necessary if you are selling one property, it is essential for building online credibility. Make sure your website is easy to navigate, fast and provides compelling details regarding your property. Create quality blog content, utilize visual walkthroughs like professional videos and high-quality photographs, email marketing, social media sharing, and focus on SEO to get the attention of prospective buyers.

Stage Like an Expert

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Staging your home makes the selling process straightforward and lucrative. Moreover, you do not need any form of expertise and a huge budget to stage your home right. Professional staging techniques involve adding mirrors and cleaning windows to enhance style, make rooms seem brighter and less cramped.

Upgrading rugs, replacing old window treatments with modern ones, and deep cleaning are cheap and effective ways to stage your home. You could settle for monochromatic hues like placing white towels in the bathroom to create a spa-like environment. Also, remove personal items such as photographs and souvenirs to create space for buyers to envision themselves living in the house.


Selling property is overwhelming, but figuring out how to save money and get high returns while doing it can be more stressful. Nevertheless, you can experience a stress-free process even without the help of a realtor if you have good knowledge of the buyers market and pay attention to the right property seller strategies mentioned above.