How to Improve Service Desk Performance Through Outsourcing Software Solutions


Customer service is vital to any commercial enterprise, and customer satisfaction is essential for business success. It is particularly critical for companies providing technical support to their consumers.

A company needs a help desk to make IT services and other functions available all the time, which means reducing downtimes. The primary purpose of a help desk is to provide a fast solution to current needs, technical issues, and other incidents occurring on the consumers’ end. Consumers want their problems fixed quickly, and help desks typically rely on specific software to manage tracking, and record issues consumers report to them.

Most company employees work from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. However, some companies, like e-commerce sites, continue to operate at all hours of the day. And some customers may need some help with their transactions immediately.

Instead of paying for overtime work of regular staff, you can outsource your service desk with a robust software solution. For example, SysAid combines vital help desk and service desk features in one software. A help desk software helps you free your staff from repetitive work and assign them to more productive tasks.

Improving help desk functions for business process efficiency

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A company typically outsources services to provide its customers with continuous and expert help. It is beneficial as outsourcing can reduce the operating costs of an organization through the elimination of the need to hire more staff to handle help desk operations full time.

Here are some of the ways of outsourcing a help desk solution that improves your business services.

1. It increases the availability and flexibility of help desk support

Often, customers require technical support and assistance after regular office hours. When you have an outsourced team to handle customer complaints and other issues after regular office hours, from customers located in different zones, your company improves its corporate status.

2. You provide expert help

Outsourcing your help desk helps you choose the best people who have the experience and knowledge in resolving technical issues. They can support your help desk objectives and increase the level of service beyond your customers’ expectations.

3. Increases and improves customer satisfaction and loyalty

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When you provide expert help, customers remember, which boosts their confidence in your company, because they feel satisfied with your customer support services. Customers want instant response and gratification. When they call customer support, they want to talk to someone immediately for assistance.

They want quick solutions to their problems or issues. With a 24-hour help desk with trained staff ready to receive customer inquiries and complaints, your company’s profits will increase, as they will continue to patronize your business.

4. Faster response time

With an outsourced help desk support, there is no lag in response times, as the support has remote access. It allows the team to provide diagnosis and resolve issues quicker. You will not experience costly downtimes and increase customer satisfaction.

5. An excellent service desk software has a ticketing system

It helps you manage the processes of the help desk support system, allowing you to monitor the service from the time a customer makes contact until the resolution of the problem.

6. Teach your customers to use self-service functions

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A help desk software has a self-service feature. Users can look up the answers to some of the common problems. It allows the customers to solve simple tech problems they encounter quickly. It also helps them to learn more about technology and understand the devices they have.

7. You gain knowledge from experts in the industry

When you outsource your help desk, you are hiring an excellent team of experts in the field. They have the skills in customer service, as well as in-depth knowledge of information technology to solve client problems quickly. Providers specialize in serving different industries, so you can identify your niche and find the right provider to fill your needs.

8. Improve management and tracking of work hours

With an outsourced help desk support, you are getting professional help, and they take care of the cost. They are likewise responsible for the installation, maintenance, and operation of a sophisticated telephone system, various hardware and data management groups.

Moreover, the provider takes charge of recruiting, hiring, as well as training professionals for customer assistance. You lower your overhead costs because the provider is responsible for tracking the support team’s work hours, and pay their salaries and benefits. Outsourcing help desk support allows your IT staff members to manage your computer system.

9. Increases the capacity to handle variable volumes of queries

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An outsourced help desk support team is trained to handle amounts of questions because they have dedicated team members to take the calls at the same time. The process that is difficult to do if you only have in-house customer service that has one to two employees to provide customer assistance.

10. You have control over the outsourced service process

You remain in control of the help desk support system. You can opt to participate in agents’ training or leave it to the experts, depending on your requirements and expectations. The service provider submits detailed performance reports regularly. Your vendor might even have an advanced system so you can access your company’s account on the assigned help desk team’s performance directly.

11. You can focus on your core business

With a team of trained help desk support staff, you can focus on your core business goals. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you satisfy your customers’ demands for assistance in helping them solve their issues and problems with your products and services. Your staff does not have to call you when they cannot resolve an issue with a customer that they are unable to address.

Outsourcing provides help desk assistance 24/7. Aside from that, it gives the company diverse expertise, which can help customers with more complicated tech issues. Rather than invest in new tools and technologies and train your IT staff on how to use them, outsourcing provides the necessary equipment and tools for the proper management of the help desk support system.