How to Get Oman Visa

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Not many people heard about Oman, but it’s truly one of the most interesting places that you have to visit if you are a traveling enthusiast. Before you go there, however, there are a few things that you need to know about their VISA requirements. Let’s take a look.

Why do you need an Oman Visa?

You need an Oman visa for the exact same reason that you need a visa for any other country, but don’t be afraid since getting one for this place is not nearly as complicated and frustrating. Before we begin on this subject, it is worthy to mention that if you are a citizen that’s currently an active member of the Gulf Cooperation Council, also known as GCC, you are free to visit Oman without the requirement of a Visa.

Lately, it has become much easier to get an Oman visa, so you have nothing to worry about a complicated process or spending a lot of money. Since 2018 to be more precise, a change happened in the policy for visa-granting, and you are now free to get an online visa as well, as opposed to getting one upon arriving which was the previous situation before this change.

How do you sign up for an Oman Visa?

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Getting a Visa for Oman is not very complicated, and since it can even be done online, it definitely falls into the category of one of the easiest visa-applying processes out there. According to, if you are qualified for all the requirements, you don’t have to do anything else rather than fill out an online form with all your personal details and submit it for verification, as well as covering some costs for the entire procedure. If you are not qualified for their requirements however, you might have to visit an Omani embassy in order to apply for the traditional method which is getting a stamped visa.

Can you be rejected for an Oman Visa?

Unless you have a felony record or anything similar to that, your Omani Visa will be approved. They are not way too strict with their restrictions so we encourage you to try and get one if you want to visit this beautiful country.

What exactly do I need to have prepared?

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When you are filling the form for an online Omani E-Visa, you’ll need to have your passport ready, and a picture of a personal ID or another form of identity verification. Remember that your passport cannot be expired and you’ll need to have at least six months of validity before your intended arrival date in Oman. This is usually the only thing that can prohibit you from getting a Visa, so if your passport is expiring anytime soon, make sure that you renew it before applying.

There are a few things about taking personal photography that you should know. The background must be white and you are not allowed to wear any eyeglasses or head coverings such as hats or headscarves unless that’s mandatory by your religion. This is important when it comes to everything being transparent and clear in the process of identity verification.