How to Find Assignment Help From Australian Writers

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If you’re studying in Australia, then getting academic assignment help from writers based in other countries may not be a good idea. While their English and knowledge of academic subjects may be great, there are two risks to consider:

  • non-Australian writers did not study in the country
  • non-Australian writers might have trouble following assignment guidelines and formatting rules from local universities.

That’s why finding legitimate online assignment help from true Aussie writers is something that you should do to ensure that your professor won’t be puzzled why your papers suddenly have American spelling, and so on.

Fortunately, there are many Australia-based academic writing services out there, and finding them is easy if you follow these tips.

  1. More Targeted Google Search

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Let’s suppose that you’re based in Brisbane and would like to get some assistance for your next psychology paper. If you try Googling a simple phrase like “online assignment help,” chances are high that most of the results generated by Google will come from other countries.

In fact, many Australian students claimed about finding academic writing services from Singapore, India, the U.S., and others. This means that the writers who provide assignment help in these companies are not familiar with the Australian education system as well as the typical requirements and formatting features.

To make sure that your search returns Australian companies, try Googling the following long-tail keywords:

  • Australian assignment help
  • Academic writing assistance Australia
  • Online assignment help Canberra
  • Do my assignment Australia.

“Also, feel free to include your city in the keyword combination,” says Shannon Barnett, an academic advisor from AssignmentHelper. “Australian assignment help companies often target them with their keyword strategy, so you’ll get better results.” 

  1. Take a Look Around the Website

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While most of the websites that you’ll find by using the keywords we’ve just discussed will be Australia-based, it’s still worth checking it one more time. Online Australian assignment help companies often have entire website sections dedicated to sharing information about them.

For example, some of them:

  • Describe that they select writers who graduated from Australian universities (look about information about writer onboarding process)
  • Have their Australian addresses listed
  • Have Australian phone options to make sure that locals can reach them easily. 

So, take a look around a website that you’ve landed on and check if it has this information there. If it does, then it’s definitely a good sign that the assignment help service is Australian, indeed. 

  1. Read Online Reviews

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This is one of the most trusted methods of verifying if an online assignment help service is legitimate. To read about the experiences of other people using different academic writing companies, you can go to review sites. You don’t have to spend a lot of time to find one; in fact, you can Google the following:

  • Australian assignment help service reviews
  • [name of the company] reviews
  • Custom assignment writing services reviews Australia

Chances are that you’ll find websites where students and review companies share their experiences with others. For example, they typically describe the quality of writing delivered by a company, impressions from communicating with customer support, and other useful information. 

Hopefully, their accounts will be helpful to you to make good choices and avoid low-quality online assignment help.

  1. Chat with Customer Support

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This is another easy yet powerful method. Let’s suppose you’ve landed on a website of an assignment help service and there’s a live chat button there for quick and direct communication with the customer support team. This is a great opportunity for you to check if the customer support is quality, which has a direct correlation with the quality of services they provide. 

For example, we heard about an Australian student who noticed that the responses from customer support sounded almost like they were generated by a chatbot. When he started asking complex questions about the company’s writer onboarding process to check whether they have a degree from an Australian university, the support team member stopped responding.

This is a sure sign that the service may not be Australian because if it was, providing some answers to questions like that would be no problem. So, if you’d like to check if a company is legitimately Australian, feel free to ask their customer support a few questions and see how they respond. Who knows, maybe their replies will tell you whether they should be trusted. 

Get Help From Real Experts

Hopefully, these tips will help you to find a legitimate, Australian assignment help service that’ll be a great help for you and your academic success. As you can see, it takes some consideration and knowledge to find one, so we wish these tips are just what you need to find excellent academic tutors, helpful assistants, and, ultimately, get high grades.