How to Easily Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC?

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Once you have captured beautiful scenery and moments, you probably want to make sure that your photos are saved somewhere safe. It often happens that having those photos only on your iPhone is simply not enough.

For starters, you might delete them by mistake, or you don’t want to store files on iCloud. Additionally, you probably want to install many apps, so having countless items occupying your storage is not that convenient.

One way to make your files safe is to transfer them to the PC. Luckily, there are many options available in order to achieve this. Take a look at the following list in order to find out what you can do.

  1. Dear Mob iphone Manager

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If you want to finish the whole process quickly, without complications or difficult procedures, Dear Mob (click here to check it out) is the software you are looking for. Not only does this software make the content safer, but it also makes the whole transfer a lot easier.

If you don’t want to store your items on iCould, DearMob iPhone Manager will be very useful. This program makes managing files fun and simple, due to the fact that you can get the whole process done within only a few clicks. Additionally, you can download it for free. Once you have completed the download, you can install it quickly. After that, connect your phone to the computer and launch the program.

The next step involves clicking the ‘Backup’ button and ‘Backup now’. And there you go! You have moved the files. For moving them to another iPhone device, you should connect that device after the transferring process has been done. Now, all you have to do is click on the ‘Restore Now’ and choose the backup file. Those who are not into the iCloud system of backup will particularly enjoy this software.

  1. EaseUS

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The next useful software on this list includes EaseUS MobiMover which can help you a lot when it comes to transferring photos. By using this program, you basically move anything to your PC – even music from your iTunes, videos, etc.

Furthermore, it is completely free. Within just a few steps, the whole process is done. Therefore, it is safe to say that EaseUS MobiMoveris more than user-friendly. When it comes to copying your items, you can get the whole process done in just three steps. The first one would be installing it for free. Then, you connect the iPhone with the PC.

After you have done that, you run the program and choose ‘Pictures’. The last step is clicking ‘Transfer’ in order to move them. And you are done! Just leave the PC connected to the device until the process is done.

  1. CopyTrans Photo

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The third software on this list is created particularly for the purpose of moving photos from iPhone to computer. It functions on the principle of drag-and-drop. It is simple to use and does not include any complicated steps.

Therefore, it is very user-friendly. Furthermore, even the most inexperienced user will successfully complete the process. With CopyTrans you can back up the entire library within just one click. If you have been looking for a program which will allow you copying files from PC to iPhone, don’t worry, you have just found one! One of the best things about CopyTrans is that it allows you a two-way transfer.

In that sense, you can move items from your computer to the iPhone in an equally simple way. So, you can create albums, and organize files any way you want, without any limitations. The fact that this software is one of the most high-ranked out there speaks for itself. Some of the users claim that CopyTrans is the program they have been looking for a long time.

  1. iMazing Photos

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It doesn’t matter which iPhone you have, because iMazing supports all of them. Also, it is compatible both with Mac and Windows PC. All you have to do is drag and drop your files. You don’t have to worry about the format of the photos, because it has the option of converting HEIC to JPEG.

Also, iMazing is not confusing since it doesn’t involve any complicated procedures. All you have to do is download it for free and, within a few simple steps, you are good to go. Also, you can use this program to delete your pictures. Deleting items on the iPhone can be exhausting sometimes and that is why the majority of users rarely do it. Not only do they rarely do it, but they also lack motivation to start deleting numerous useless photos.

Well, things don’t have to be like that anymore. iMazing makes this process easier, since you don’t have to select the items one by one on your device. It is particularly useful for those who don’t like to back up their files on the iCloud. One user stated that using iMazing was a piece of cake!


To sum up, it seems that managing files has never been easier. There are plenty of options when it comes to backup and transfer. All of the above mentioned programs are equally good and useful, particularly if you want to use the PC in order to keep your items safer.

One of the best things is that in the majority of cases, you are not limited only to photos, but you can also save and move videos and tunes. Finally, all of the options include quick and simple stages, which is very important, since very few people have the time to spend the entire day dealing with things like this. Therefore, don’t hesitate to give these amazing programs a chance!