How To Choose The Best Tennis Racket?

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Frankly said, there is a vast selection of tennis rackets out there that would confuse the life out of you if you had to choose one. But luckily for you, we’ve done our research and can safely say that we’ve divided all the types of tennis rackets into a couple of categories that will give you the best overview, and how to choose the best one for you. So without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Power Rackets

Power rackets are designed by manufacturers to provide more power to wielders. These rackets are designed for larger hands ranging from oversize to super-oversize hands (107- 135 square inches). Power rackets are lightweight, usually, around 9 ounces, longer, around 28 inches, are stiffer and are balanced on the head. The last one is very important as these rackets are designed to retain enough weight in the hitting zone. If you’re a person with a shorter and slower swing that looks for more power than power racket it the choice for you.

2. Tweener Rackets

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Regarded as the most popular type of racket, a Tweener gets its name because it’s between a power and a player racket. Tweener rackets possess features from both categories, power, and lightness from power rackets and the control features of players’ rackets. Tweeners are heavier than power rackets, usually weighing around 10 ounces, and the balance goes anywhere from slight headlight to slightly head heavy with mid plus heads of around 98-104 square inches. This type of racket mostly suits intermediate and advanced players because of the power level ranging between low-medium to medium-high.

3. Modern Player’s Rackets

According to, modern player’s rackets have become popular due to the increased popularity of a heavy topspin play style. These are more lighter and faster than most traditional types and they offer mid plus head sizes. These rackets are perfect for players who’s playstyle is more aggressive and is perfect for netplay and maximum spin. The power level is almost identical to Tweener rackets, and they weight anything between 11 and 12 ounces which is the heaviest one yet that we’ve included in this article. Headsizes of these rackets don’t differ much and can be anything between 98 and 100 square inches.

4. Traditional Player’s Rackets

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This type of rackets is used by all the pros in the game. Both high-level club and college team players use these rackets in addition to every ATP player. Traditional rackets are the heaviest, usually between 11.5 and 12+ ounces, have the smallest heads (85-98), are thinner, more flexible, and have balance headlight to maintain maneuverability.  These rackets provide users the ability to control their own power, which is why it’s mostly used by professionals.

Factors to Consider

When choosing the best tennis racket for you, there are multiple factors you need to consider such as:

· Length

Standard length is usually 27 inches while 29 is the legal maximum length size for tournaments.

· Weight and Balance

A heavier weight offers more power, more stability, and less shock to the wielder.

· Frame Stiffness

A Flexible frame is considered to be 63 and below, medium stiffness is between 64 and 67, and a stiff frame is considered 68 and above.


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