How to Choose the Best Antivirus: Your Ultimate Guide


There are hundreds of thousands of viruses, Trojans, and malware in the computer world. New viruses and their modifications appear in dozens every day, and antiviruses are developed to combat them. So, this article will clarify how to select the best protection for your devices. To be more aware of the antivirus software market, you can visit

Reliable Protection: Is it Possible?

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There is no secret that today information is much more important than its carriers. Various corporations and entrepreneurs care more about preventing data leaks. In turn, home users need stable computer performance and information security.

Viruses of different types can influence both corporations and home users significantly. Some of the malware uses much computer resources; others can block the work. Besides, other viruses can encrypt your documents and extort money for decryption the data or destroy information on a hard disk at all.

Unfortunately, no antivirus can provide reliable protection against viruses and malware. This thesis has been tested practically by many people and our team personally. A major issue with vulnerabilities is typical for Windows OS.

Microsoft company quickly eliminates the detected holes in the Windows security system with new patches. Therefore, the regular update of the operating system is significant for security. But if the user wants to be sure about protection completely, it might be a wise decision to install additional antivirus software.

Why Do You Need the Antivirus?

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Thus, Windows OS requires antivirus installation. Some people believe that antivirus is not necessary PC program. Also, they think that its presence only loads the processor, interfering with the regular operation of running applications.

If your PC is not connected to the Internet, you do not use USB drives, and only insert licensed CDs or DVDs; theoretically, viruses will not be able to infect your device. But such ideal conditions are almost impossible. The primary sources of viruses and trojans are suspicious Internet sites, downloaded pirate programs, creaks, flash drives from infected computers, etc.

How to Choose the Right Antivirus?

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Now let’s take a look at the types of antivirus software. They can be free and paid. Free antivirus can provide a basic (minimum) level of protection. Everyone knows that nothing costs more than something free. At the same time, no one gives any guarantee that free program will secure your device enough. 

For example, there was a free antivirus program on the computer for some time. Then, it was replaced with paid antivirus. If it performed a full scan of all files, there might be several trojans and viruses found. And you may not even guess about their presence. Viruses, and in particular Trojans, are in almost every second computer, and not everyone knows about it.

Many people have antiviruses, but regular (at least once a week) check of all system files nobody performs. An active real-time protection system is not ideal and may not work, missing the virus.

Which Antivirus is Better?

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Perhaps it is already difficult to imagine a home operating system without an antivirus installed. Many may start by installing hacked versions of paid products, but eventually face issues with security, broken updates, and other cons of unlicensed programs. Finally, it can lead to the computer infected with malware. In such cases, free antiviruses are usually tried. But these programs have certain restrictions: functionality, the flexibility of settings, technical support, can show strange advertising and others. After all, you decide to purchase a licensed product, and you are faced with the questions: “Which antivirus is the best? Which one to choose?”

Beginners often ask such a question. People need a clear answer to know which antivirus is the best. Some people suggest to install Avast Free antivirus; others recommend ESET Nod 32. Kaspersky’s fans promote their favorite provider. It is easy to be puzzled. But rarely can anybody explain wisely what antivirus will be better and why.

Prices for the best antivirus applications, including Kaspersky Lab products, Norton, Avast ESET, vary in a similar range. So you can be guided not by the amount of money you are ready to spend, but by the spectrum of antivirus functions and performance. The initial choice between product depends on whether you use the Internet or a local area network. If yes, that is recommended to get the complete solution including not only basic protection against viruses but also a firewall: Kaspersky Internet Security, ESET Smart Security. If your computer is not connected to a stable high-speed network, you can select Kaspersky Antivirus or ESET NOD32 Antivirus which can be purchased on the drives.