How To Choose A Perfect CNC Machine For Your Needs

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Choosing a CNC machine based on your needs is far challenging than one might think. If we have to compare it, we would certainly put it alongside choosing cereal in the grocery store; the options are indeed many. CNC machines can vary based on your needs. From routers, mills, 3D printers, etc, it can be hard to make the call. Luckily for you, we’re here to tell you how to choose a perfect CNC machine based on your needs.

1. What Do You Need it For?

Indeed a strange question, we addressed this at the beginning of the article. Namely, the first thing you need is to understand what you need the machine for. Is it for 3D printing, is it for building other machines, or something else entirely? Knowing why you need the machine is a good first step in choosing the right machine.

2. What Are You Planning to Cut With It?

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Yet another highly strange question, but one that requires an answer none the less. You have to make a choice based on what you plan on cutting. Since CNC machines are widely used to cut materials such as aluminum, steel, or wood, knowing which materials you would cut will make the selection even easier. For more information about CNC machining, you can click here and even get a free quote.

3. What Are Your Limits?

When we talk about limits, we are talking about SWAP limits. SWAP stands for space, weight, and power, and knowing the limits of these three factors will help you greatly in choosing the right CNC machine.

• Space

Determining your space limit will go nicely into making the selection headache go away. Are you planning on getting a CNC woodworking machine for wood engraving in your garage? Or are you planning on getting huge steel cutting CNC machine for business purposes? Regardless of where you need it and why you need it, you have to designate an area for it.

• Weight

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The bigger the machine the more space it needs, and the bigger the machine the more it weights. We can safely assume that space and weight go along quite well. Bigger machines are more or less unmovable. Bigger machines that cut steel and aluminum like butter are quite heavy and are unloaded by professionals. Smaller ones can be handled quite nicely because they don’t weigh that much.

• Power

CNC machines mostly require 3 phase power to run. However, most residential homes don’t have 3 phase power, so running a CNC machine in a residential setting is more or less a huge risk.


CNC machines can vary in size, weight, and most importantly, power and cutting capability. Most of you didn’t know that CNC machines can be designed to fit your workspace and many of you imagined CNC machines to be huge units. While CNC machines are mostly big machines that can cut virtually any material under the sun, choosing the perfect one should be based on your needs. If you’re planning on cutting wood, then you don’t need a huge machine. But you do need if you’re planning on cutting steel for commercial purposes. Always determine what the goal of your business, or project, is and what your SWAP limits are. Take all the factors into consideration whenever you’re choosing the perfect CNC machine.