How to Boost your Wi-Fi

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The evolution of the internet has brought with it one of the essential developments today: Wi-Fi or wireless fidelity network. However, if you are plagued with bad reception, slow speeds as well as other Wi-Fi issues, then it is high time you learned how to boost Wi-Fi.

Why You Need to Boost Your Wi-Fi signal

Wi-Fi allows users to get online via a smartphone, tablet, or laptop from any part of their residence without connecting to a jumbled mass of cables. It can be used for sending documents, videos, images, or photos from one computer to another or from one mobile device to a computer or vice versa. And of course, you can use it to play online games on your smartphone.

But having a weak Wi-Fi connection or network signal can be infuriating as you will no longer be able to browse the internet as the speed you love. You may also experience poor signal reception when you inadvertently move away from the router.

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And even if you make use of a powerful mobile device, not knowing how to boost Wi-Fi signals will lessen the enjoyment of browsing the internet.

Fortunately, there are several apps out there that can help you to strengthen your Wi-Fi signals. The great app to boost Wi-Fi without having any issues today is NetSpot.

Let’s take a look at simple ways that you can utilize when it comes to boosting Wi-Fi signals.

Simple Ways to Boost Wi-Fi

If you feel or notice that your Wi-Fi has become somewhat sluggish, you can follow these tips to boost it:

  • Optimal Router Placement

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How to boost Wi-Fi is not rocket science, but one of the first things you should bear in mind is that not all spaces and rooms are created equal. The point here is that the location of the router or where you place the device can significantly affect your wireless coverage.

It may appear logical for you to place the router by the window since that is where the cable comes in or even out of the way inside a cabinet. But as you will find out, taking these steps does not imply that you will get an excellent signal.

This is why the perfect place to position your router is in the center of your home if it is possible, as this will allow its signal to reach every corner of the house.

  • Check Your Frequency

Look at the interface of your network’s administrator and make sure that it is configured for optimal performance. If your router comes with dual-band, switching over to 5Ghz band – instead of using the more common 2.4GHz band – gives better outcomes.

Setting your router to 5GHz will not only offer faster speeds, but you will also not be subjected to the annoying interferences that you may encounter from other wireless devices and networks. And this is because the 5GHz frequency is less commonly used.

  • Do Away with Obsolete Hardware

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You shouldn’t expect the best performance from a router that is obsolete. Do not subscribe to the running of old hardware. If you want to boost Wi-Fi signal, then you have to get your hands on any of the new ones out there today.

  • Install A Wi-Fi Extender

Not many people know that there is an optimal range that wireless signals can travel. If the network is expected to cover a particular area that is larger than what the router can transmit to, or if there are several walls or corners to go around, the outcome will be dismal.

However, all routers are equal to the task when it comes to broadcasting dependably up to a specific distance before the signal becomes weak. A good Wi-Fi extender can help to boost the signal beyond that point so that you can continue to enjoy speedy access to the internet at all times.

What Does a Wi-Fi Extender Do?

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A Wi-Fi extender – also known as a Wi-Fi Booster or Range Extender – is an electronic device that is used to duplicate the wireless signal from your router in order to amplify its coverage. This device, which bears great similarity to your office or home router, functions as a bridge as it captures the Wi-Fi from your router, amplifies it, and then re-broadcasts it to areas with weak or nonexistent Wi-Fi.

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops come with tiny wireless chips with internal antennas. And in most situations, they do an excellent job, but as you move farther away from the source of the wireless signal, the antennas become inadequate. In comparison, a Wi-Fi signal booster comes with two large antennas, one for receiving signals while the other one is for broadcasting. These antennas can either be external or in-built.

A Wi-Fi extender can be employed to increase the strength of an existing Wi-Fi network so that every corner of your home or office receives a strong internet signal. All you need to do is to connect the wireless booster to your network, and it will automatically start transmitting signals.

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To make the most of your Wi-Fi extender, you need to pay close attention to the settings of your device. This is because your home Wi-Fi device remains connected to your router till you manually change over to your range extender network, regardless of its proximity to your device compared to that of the router.

Advancements in Wi-Fi Extender technology is currently in progress to automate the entire process so that switching can take place covertly without you having to do any work. More wireless signal boosters coming into the market today are equipped or designed to be easily extendable.


So, whether you want to have a strong Wi-Fi signal, these simple ways will help you to boost your Wi-Fi connection or your smartphone’s network signal.