How to Become the Best Essay Writer?

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Essay is among the least favorite assignments no matter at what stage of education a person is. Even professional essays for your career can be and feel tedious and pointless. Still, nobody has yet managed to escape writing essays, which is why many look for help before doing it. No matter if you do not know how to write or if a particular essay is challenging, this article will help you. We will give you some advice on becoming a better essay writer. Read on to learn more.

Determine the Type

Before you start, you must understand what the point of writing is. It is important to know if you need to compare, contrast, discuss, explain, or evaluate something. These are all different types of essays, and depending on the task ahead of you, you need to perceive and conceptualize your essay right.

Pick a topic

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Now that you are familiar with the general overview of your essay, you must choose a relevant topic. The first thing here is brainstorming. Therefore, you should sit down, calm down, and try to start a free flow of thoughts. Think about the essay and the point you want to make. As you narrow down your focus, the ideas will come more and more and eventually, an interesting enough topic will come to you. If you still have a hard to come up with a topic, ask your teacher for some help, assistance, suggestions, or guidelines. They can point you to a relevant source.

Create an Outline

There is one more important step before begin writing, as you must create an essay outline. Your topic should fill out the middle of the page, as there are elements that go before and after it as well. Separate the essay into an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. For example, if you are going to write five paragraphs, the introduction and the conclusion should be accompanied by three body paragraphs. Each of the three needs its own main idea. This will help you structure the content and spread out the different points and ideas, while also making the whole thing look professional and organized.

Thesis statement and the Hook

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A thesis statement is the most important thing in your introduction. This is a sentence that should contain the whole purpose of the essay, and which should interest your reader and make them read the whole essay. It is not easy to fit the entire purpose of your essay in a sentence, but this is exactly the point of this element. It will serve as the answer to the problem you aim to solve, and which you will further dissect in the following paragraphs. The thesis has to mention every main idea you plan to talk about. Right beside the thesis statement should be the hook, a story, a dialogue, a shocking revelation, or an interesting quote that will interest and intrigue the readers.

Body Paragraphs and Conclusion

As mentioned earlier, you should have more than one idea in your essay, and however main ideas you have, that many body paragraphs you must write. These separate parts should all come together, and together with the thesis statement, offer a solution, an overview, a discussion, a contrast, or an explanation to the topic. Finally, restate the thesis statement in the conclusion before you finish things off. There you have it, a perfectly written essay worthy of a high grade! For even more help, head on to