How Ruby on Rails Enhances the Efficiency and Scalability of Real Estate Websites


Ruby on Rails is the most dynamic and popular framework choice for building all shapes and sizes of web applications. Since 1995 the fame of Ruby on Rails has constantly been growing and rising, and it still ranks among the top ten programming frameworks. Businesses prefer to hire ruby on rails developers who are well versed in building high-quality rails web applications with HTML, CSS, and Javascript-based clear web apps. single doubt.

Ruby on Rails has amazing sets of characteristics such as effective tools, an appealing list of database tables, and faster development of web applications. We have seen that many startups or well-established enterprises have adopted Ruby on Rails in a daily manner to grow their business quickly and efficiently.

It has come up with all the relevant updates in a timely manner as per the expectations of Ruby on rails developers to make their web development easier and faster. There are numerous types of industries that have been availing Ruby on Rails for all sorts of web applications and solutions. From retail to healthcare to e-commerce to fintech to real estate, all of them have been successful and most satisfied clients of Ruby on Rails without a doubt.


All business owners have to understand that in this digital era having an online presence plays an important role to succeed. Unlike any other industry, this is relatable to the real estate industry. In the Real estate industry, it is important to have a website with proper scalability and efficiency plays a huge role in getting a client and closing the deal. Therefore, when it comes to scalability and efficiency with robust features Ruby on Rails comes into the picture.

So if you are a real estate business owner and planning to hire Ruby on Rails Developer by looking at the benefits of picking Ruby on Rails, then you can not make any better choice than this surely.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is the trending open-source frontend framework helping businesses in building robust and scalable customized web applications. It follows the MVC ( Model view controller ) architectural pattern and is built with Ruby language.  The most attractive feature of Ruby on Rails is its simplicity, productivity, and configuration feature.

So now let’s talk  about the benefits of Ruby on Rails for Real Estate industry one by one below:


We are all aware that for any web application efficiency plays an important role. Here a real estate web application consists of a large amount of data and for that Ruby on Rails is used. If a real estate app is designed with Ruby on Rails, it gets quick loading as well as serves accurate information along with easy navigation. Ruby on Rails is built with the right efficiency with Model view controller (MVC) architecture, which separates the application logic from the user interface. So due to this separation, it is said that developers can easily focus on the functionality of Ruby on Rails for Real Estate application development.  Besides, testing and debugging can be done with less amount of effort.

Convention over configuration:


Ruby on Rails follows one approach called the convention over configuration approach, which simply means that it serves a set of defaults that can be eliminated or removed if needed. Therefore, it removes the need for developers to write code on a daily basis and also reduces the duration of development, which results in increasing the overall performance and productivity of the web application.


Ruby on Rails is known for its scalability by adding various servers to the clutter made of servers. This leads to an easy process of handling huge amounts of traffic as the web application grows. In the case of Real estate web applications consist of a large set of data and traffic. As mentioned earlier Rails can help all large data volumes of real estate applications to be scalable with the help of load balancing and rails-based horizontal scaling techniques.

Real Estate-based Features:

Ruby on Rails offers a variety of features that can be very useful for real estate-based web applications, such as easily integrating with real estate-based listing services like Realtor, Zillow, etc. their agents associated with real estate can easily manage all listings in an effective manner and also manage them up to date. Along with this, it also designs customized search bars helping users to filter out information based on various locations, prices, or other numbers of bedrooms required. Here rails create all such filters effortlessly with accurate results.

Image and video management:

We are aware real estate web applications are required to add various images and videos. It helps in attracting users and catches their interest.  Ruby on Rails helps in managing all types of high-quality images and videos with the help of catching mechanisms and integrating with third-party content delivery networks.

Source: beon.teche


Thus, we can say that Ruby on Rails is an excellent pick for building real estate web applications. We have talked about all types of benefits of Ruby on Rails for Real estate businesses for building scalable and feature-rich web applications. The real estate business gets several advantages with Ruby application development, and it helps them in upscaling the business to a higher level.

So, if you are looking to build a real estate website with top-notch features, get in touch with Bacancy Technology – a leading Ruby on Rails development company to get your project done!