How Much Does A Turf Football Field Cost?


Artificial turf is particularly popular on soccer fields. But the artificial lawn carpet is also ideally suited as a substrate for multifunctional sports areas. Nowadays, football fields are also laid out with artificial turf and artificial turf sports fields for multifunctional use are no longer uncommon. This makes the question of the cost of a turf football field all the more important, of course. Do you want to build an artificial turf soccer field, create a multifunctional sports field with artificial turf or simply create a soccer field in your own garden?

No problem, we’ve summarized the costs and what you need to consider for you below. “What does an artificial turf field cost?” is a frequently asked question. The short answer: it depends. The costs for a sports field made of artificial turf can vary greatly depending on the area and the desired type of artificial turf. Therefore, the turf football field prices in our web shop as Integral Spor are always given per m2, including other expenses. We have developed a special artificial turf for each discipline for use on sports fields, which has all the special features and properties that a sports turf requires.

How To Calculate The Cost of Turf Football Field

When calculating the cost of an artificial turf pitch, it is particularly important that you estimate exactly how much material you will need. Artificial turf is supplied on a roll with a width of 4 or 2 meters, which is also the minimum purchase. When calculating the price, it is best to keep in mind that you may not only pay the artificial turf per m2 that you need, but the m2 price per roll. Of course, the length can be cut to any desired size.

Laying Artificial Turf On The Football Field

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To illustrate this, let’s assume that an artificial turf soccer field is to be laid in your own garden: If the garden section in which the artificial playing area is to be created is wider than 4 meters (roll width), you can glue / tape several pieces of artificial turf together. If it is only a few centimeters, we recommend making the edges wider or installing an additional row of slabs or clinker bricks. Since many rolls of artificial turf are required for large artificial turf sports fields, it is particularly important to observe the “growth direction” of the artificial turf when laying them. You will of course get the best result when all the blades of grass look “in the same direction”.

In the costs of building an artificial turf pitch, the required anchors, artificial turf tape or stabilization cloth must be included in addition to the artificial turf sold by the meter. However, glue and tape or artificial turf tape are only necessary if several pieces have to be glued / wallpapered together. The artificial turf lies loosely on the ground and can also be fastened all around with artificial turf anchors.

You can easily calculate the costs for your turf football field expenses using our special calculator, which can be found on every product page. You will receive a detailed list of the individual cost items with the cost calculator artificial turf, which calculates the costs for the artificial turf based on the dimensions of the pitch, type of sport, artificial turf granulate and sports field equipment. If you have any further questions, want to request a sample or have comments, you can feel free to contact us.

Turf Football Field: Costs Related To The Renovation

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If an artificial turf sports field is renovated, various costs can be eliminated and the sports field construction can thus be cheaper for the club. Often, for example, the existing artificial turf elastic layer can be used a second time and the artificial turf reapplied. When renovating an artificial turf pitch, however, there are costs for the dismantling of the artificial turf and the recycling of the artificial turf.

This work must be carried out by a specialized sports field builder and the synthetic turf properly disposed of. Clubs can save costs in the new construction and renovation of an artificial turf sports field by carrying out activities relating to sports field construction themselves. These own work should, however, be discussed with the sports field builder or specialist planner and accompanied and checked by the experts.

The costs of renovating or building a new artificial turf pitch depend on numerous factors and can be higher or lower depending on the condition of the sports facility and the wishes of the club. After the first planning phase, the club should estimate, based on its economic circumstances and possibilities, what an artificial turf sports field may cost and which trades or additional equipment can or must be dispensed with. The infill granules for the artificial turf pitch also play an important role in the selection of the system. In the following, we have listed typical cost items that have a significant impact on the total costs associated with the construction of a new artificial turf sports field and result in cost differences with the same pitch dimensions:

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  • Artificial Turf Granules: If the artificial turf pitch is filled with rubber granulate, the costs are higher than for a sand-filled artificial turf pitch. There are also big differences within artificial turf granules. Experts and specialist planners prefer to recommend EPDM and TPE products that are specially manufactured for backfilling an artificial turf pitch.
  • Artificial Turf Drainage: When converting a football field into turf football field, the existing drainage is able to often also be used. If this is not the case, the artificial turf pitch must be equipped with new drainage – this increases the overall costs.
  • Sprinkler System Football Field: Football pitches can be equipped with different sprinkler systems. The number of pop-up sprinklers, the use of existing structures and the distance to the water connection are typical factors that can drive up the costs of artificial turf irrigation.