How Much Money Should You Start With as a Bitcoin Trader? – 2024 Guide


With the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, the competition among traders is also rising. It has become more challenging than ever for new investors to deal in virtual tokens as the procedure has become complicated and tiresome. But no worries when we are here to assist you.

If it is your first time dealing with cryptocurrency, you must feel overwhelmed with many questions. The doubt whether BTC is a reliable token to invest in or not, must be on top of your list. If this doubt keeps you from getting started, let us clear the air.

Bitcoin is a reliable token to invest your funds in. Although there was a time when individuals had doubts regarding it, the situation is different today. Various countries around the globe are slowly accepting crypto as a trustable and legal method of payment. Governments are also giving it a green signal to buy real estate, groceries, apparel, medicines, and so on.

But a certain level of risk still exists when dealing in the crypto market as a trader. If you are unfamiliar with the working of this market, it is essential to know that investing only about 5% to 20% of your investment capital is safe if you don’t have a gambling background. However, if you are comfortable risking money, it is safe to gamble 15% to 50%, or even more.

A Bitcoin trader must consider certain factors when getting started in this trade if they don’t want to lose all their funds. One must know how much money they can invest, depending on various market and personal factors, such as risk tolerance. But if you are still worried about whether you are making the right decision, let us help you.

In this article, we will tell you how much money is ideal to invest in the digital currency market as a novice trader.

Factors to Consider When Deciding the Ideal Amount Invest in as a Bitcoin Trader:


1. Understanding the Virtual Currency

When deciding the amount to start with as a trader, it is vital to understand the currency you are investing in. It is the primary step involved in any investment decision. Just like you read the prospectus and research the companies when purchasing stocks, you must do the same with virtual currencies as well.

In the crypto world, you can find thousands of currencies functioning ‌differently from one another. Even their value keeps fluctuating every day. So, if you don’t comprehend the case for each trade, you might risk your funds in a bad investment. These coins have no backup. It means they rely on the market trends.

So, if you decide to trade in a particular currency, gain insight into its potential upsides and downsides. Some reliable tokens, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, XRP, and Solana, have high market value.

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2. Monitoring the Volatility Rate


If the token you are investing money in has a comparatively high volatility rate, it is not worth it. When getting started as a Bitcoin trader, it is essential to understand that the value of such tokens is as volatile as the asset. It means they have the chance of dropping and rising too quickly within seconds.

It is an attractive feature for sophisticated traders with a sturdy grasp on the market fundamentals. However, new investors may lose their bearings in such an environment. So, if you don’t have the skills or required understanding of the algorithms directing the trade, we suggest clearing your basics first.

So if you don’t want to get crushed in such a competitive atmosphere or feel scared, look out for volatility. Doing so will also assist you in learning how to buy low and sell high, just like a sophisticated Bitcoin trader. It will also provide you with an insight into how much money to invest in a particular token. For more information, you can check

3. Keeping the Risks Under Control


Managing the risk associated with volatile assets, such as digital currency is crucial. It plays an essential role in helping you decide which coin to invest in, and conclude the perfect amount of risk. So, as a novice trader if you are contemplating how much money to start with, we suggest comprehending how to control risks and create a method to mitigate the losses.

Stepping into the trading business for the first time invites several doubts and questions. You might find yourself in the lurch figuring out how much money to keep aside and how much to invest. If so, it is best to put aside a specific portion of your total trading money and use only a part of it.

If the currency shows an upward movement in the graph, you can roll in more amount. But if there is a downward movement, you can take a sigh of relief of still having money in the reserve to trade. We recommend maintaining some amount in your stock to have a bankroll to fund your trading at all times.

Final Thoughts

If it is still confusing to you how much money you need to invest in digital tokens, we can say it takes a few dollars. Although you can trade for as low as $5 to $10, the minimum trading amount also depends on the crypto exchange you are engaging with. Some platforms may offer an even lower minimum. Since there are many cryptocurrency apps and software available, you need to read about them thoroughly to expand your understanding.

To sum up, we would say that the right amount of money to begin with as a novice Bitcoin trader, depends on your risk tolerance, profit tolerance, investment timing, change of mind, and diversification of portfolio. Getting started with dealing in digital tokens is a risky affair, so before you risk even a single penny, it is vital to clear your basics and consider all these factors.

We hope this article has helped you gain a better understanding and deeper insight into the crypto world.