How Much do Ghost Producers Make – 2024 Review

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  • What salary do they have?

To answer this question, we have contacted Vered Anatolii — an owner, ceo and creator of Ghost Production music service ‘I am Ghost Producer’.

  • Good afternoon, Anatolii. Please, share with us how much a ghost producer get paid? What salary do they have?

The main income Ghost Producers get from tracks sale on the website. On our service, this is 75% of the track cost.

There’re no salaries in its usual understanding. Sometimes producers having good trust with a platform may have some extra work in those companies. The list of functions is broad: starting from samples’ listening finishing all kinds of administrative tasks. In such a case, they get paid a salary separately for their work.

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  • And how much do music producers make per song?

The average earnings really depend. I’ll try to answer this question based on the statistics on our website. Let’s assume that a client wants to order an individual track and the price for a custom track is $500. Then a producer will get approximately $375 from that. Why do I say ‘approximately’? It’s vital to remember that a small percentage (1-5%) is taken to send the money to the producer, and that may take $3 to $18. That’s why for a Custom Original track the producer gets $357-372.

There’re many factors that influence the percentage of sending costs. This, for example, includes having a PayPal account, a type of a credit card, the location of the producer, and so on. Besides that, a lot of customers bargain and want to order the track at a cheaper price, so we shouldn’t forget about this factor as well. That’s why, if the client’s budget is $400, it’s clear that for such an order the producer will receive a sum that is lower — $280-296.

  • How much does he get for one track published on the website?

The prices of the tracks vary from $350 to $499. The price is set according to the popularity, quality, and idea of the track. With such a price, producers averagely get $255-365 per track. Also, remember about promotional sales taking place on the site (Black Friday, Halloween, Christmas, etc.), so customers purchase tracks with discounts. The majority of customers ask for a discount, and we provide that. So, the final price will adjust.

Also, we’ve got a Super Sale section on our website, where the minimal price of a track is $199. Those are tracks sold with a discount. We put tracks that can’t be sold for a long time there, or if a producer wants to sell them faster. If one of them is sold, the producer receives $147 to $200 on average.

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  • What average income does a Ghost producer has monthly?

In order to provide an answer, I’ll take into account only our website and statistics from it. Several things affect the monthly income of a producer.

The first one is the style of the track. Up for now, the most popular styles on our website are House & Tech House, Deep House, Techno, Future House.

The second is the volume of upload material. The regular uploads of tracks increase the chances that the music will be noticed.

The third factor is the quality and idea of the track.

And whether producer gets orders on composing a track, remix, mix and mastering.

Talking about figures, the most active producers in our team get $800 to $1500 monthly. Surely, the income of those producers who send fewer tracks to the platform is lower, too.

If we take my 10-year producer career as an example, I can say that I was released on many record labels. World-famous DJs played my music but in total I received only $30-50 from record labels during 10 years. It is 4-5 times lower than a sum a ghost producer receives for one track.

I don’t say you can’t earn good money using services mentioned above. But you have to be a famous DJ or artist to do that.

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  • How can one become a Ghost producer and work with your service?

It’s really simple. All you need is to go to the website and follow all the required fields (name, e-mail, phone number, etc.). Do not forget to attach a link to Soundcloud or any other downloadable link. After that, boldly send us an application form, and we will review it. If we like your track and we consider it successful for sale, you’ll get contacted within a day.

  • Anatolii, thank you for answering our questions. It was nice communicating with you.

Thank you, too. You’re welcome.