How Mobile Commerce Will Impact Casinos in 2024

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Throughout 2024, mobile casino players were leaning more towards businesses’ enabling one-click checkouts within their mobile apps, as well as optimized speeds. With this trend set to continue throughout 2024, it is pertinent to assess the impacts that mobile commerce will have on casinos in the upcoming year.

As discussed earlier, one-click checkouts will make for a far superior experience for consumer browsing online casinos. The days of continually filling in credit card information for every purchase are long gone. Instead, now the majority of retailers are focusing their attention on a streamlined, hassle-free checkout within the mobile site/app.

With more and more casino companies like those at Findbettingsites focusing on mobile commerce, the consumers will see the benefits, with less time spent finalizing purchases, therefore freeing up time elsewhere.

People also foresaw that throughout 2024 voice control within mobile casinos and betting sites would gain traction, similar to the way ‘Alexa’ did for Amazon in 2018/2019. As mentioned earlier, consumers are always looking to streamline how they play and bet—the fewer steps required to make a purchase, the better. With voice control, that will be much easier in 2024.

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Mobile banking is another aspect of mobile commerce that will impact how individuals use their mobile phones to gamble in 2024 In China, certain services such as Alipay and WeChat pay have over a billion users of mobile payments, which account for two-thirds of all global mobile payment transactions.

That is a trend which will spread throughout the Western economy’s various casinos, which will affect how consumers use their mobile phone. With Apple and Google Pay becoming more widely accepted throughout the UK and the US, it is only a matter of time before this is considered the norm.

However, for mobile payments to become the go-to method of cash throughout the Western world, there needs to be a greater reliance on technology from individuals (believe it or not!) as well as 5G mobile connection, which will reduce latency and transaction times. 5G will also ensure that the network can handle the number of transactions on a grander scale.

Also, within some parts of America, individual banks are offering cardless ATM transaction capabilities; Chase bank provides a service using Apple Pay or Google pay through their app. That will probably become more prevalent throughout 2024, as we approach a world that is more prepared for cashless, card-less living.

Social Media

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People predict that social media will be a huge marketing tool for casino businesses throughout 2024. With the addition of specific business accounts on Instagram, that have certain advantages, it is easier than ever to develop a successful business strategy solely using social media.

Being able to add specific interactions to your stories, such as swiping up to visit your site, gives smaller businesses a significant advantage when promoting their casino brand or games. The common theme throughout all anticipated trends in 2024 is convenience. A tool that makes something more convenient for the user is a potent tool for businesses, and Instagram is certainly offering those opportunities.

Specific individuals have suggested within the gambling industry that by 2024, the majority of advertising will be digital. That emphasizes the need for successful, efficient digital marketing within a gambling company, which includes mobile commerce.

McDonald’s is an excellent example of a company that has incorporated the mobile business into its marketing structure. With various offers available for merely downloading the app, to having the capability to order your food directly, other companies will be looking to follow suit with similar mobile commerce schemes, driving customers to download their casino apps.

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Increasing security measures on mobile sites should be a priority for many companies; a lot of mobile users still feel uncomfortable with one-click checkout, as they feel more vulnerable to fraud.

Many users still browse on their mobile, however when it comes to signing up to a particular casino, make the switch over to their desktop, where they feel far more comfortable inputting their card details. It is also apparent that in some cases, it just isn’t as convenient to purchase on a mobile phone, due to the size of the screen, and the various steps that you need to complete on certain websites.

Ensuring that all of the crucial steps to completing a purchase are within the ‘thumb zone’ is essential for companies when optimizing their mobile casino site/checkout pages. As has been the underlying theme throughout successful mobile commerce, convenience is vital.

If the user has to change their hand position to make complete the signup process, as silly as it sounds, the customer creation may be compromised. The impacts that a well thought out, streamlined app, or mobile site can have on the finalization of customer signups in 2024 cannot be overlooked. The user is ready to make the shift from desktop to mobile. However, this is reliant upon the retailers doing their part also.