How Long Does A Vehicle Wrap Last 

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Are you thinking about adding a vehicle wrap to your vehicle? Vehicle wraps can be a fantastic way to ensure that your car has a unique style and design that is sure to stand out on the road. They can also be used for commercial purposes.

A custom-designed vehicle wrap can include a business logo, brand message, or even contact details. The right high-quality wrap on your vehicle won’t just look great, it can generate leads for your company. 

What Are Car Wraps Made Of?

Vehicle wraps are made from vinyl. They are a blend of polyvinylchloride polymer mixed with various additives to ensure that they are flexible, colorful, and more resistant to UV light.  

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How Long Does a Vehicle Wrap Last?

A vehicle wrap can last between three and seven years. The duration a vehicle wrap will last depends on numerous factors including the quality of the materials and the expertise of the center completing the service. 

If you utilize the services of a quality solution and ensure that they use the best materials then your wrap should last at least five years. After this time, it is likely that you will notice cracks and areas where the wrap is fading. The wrap may even peel off the car in certain places. This will create the wrong impression for anyone who sees your vehicle. As such, you should get your wrap removed or replaced as soon as you notice the signs that it is damaged. 

Are There Steps You Can Take to Ensure Your Vehicle Wrap Lasts Longer? 

There are certain steps that you can take to ensure that your vehicle wrap lasts for longer and reaches close to the aforementioned seven-year mark. 

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Prepare Your Car The Right Way

First, you should make sure that your vehicle is prepared correctly before the wrap is installed. The proper preparation includes a two-step cleaning process. The owner completes the first step while the wrap company will perform the second. 

You should give your vehicle a thorough and complete wash. Make sure you use a non-scratch sponge or towel. The aim should be to remove as much dust, grease, grime, and dirt as possible before the wrap is installed. Do note that this includes areas where the wrap won’t touch. 

Once you have completed the initial clean, your wrap center should provide a deep clean of the vehicle. They may cover the surface of the vehicle with alcohol and other cleaning agents. The aim here is to ensure that your vehicle reaches a standard of cleanliness that surpasses the standard reached when it came off the production line.

The Best Materials

When you speak to the wrap company, make sure to inquire about the quality of the materials they are using. You only want the best for your vehicle. Once your wrap has been installed, you also need to keep it clean. Unlike paint, wraps can be damaged by dirt and dust. As such, if you are keen to keep it looking great for longer, you need to clean it as often as you can. You should also use washing solutions that are specifically designed for vehicle wraps. If you choose the right wrap company, then you will have peace of mind that they will only use the best materials for your vehicle. 

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Find The Right Company

Finally, you need to ensure that you do find a reputable car wrap center to complete the installation. Vehicle wraps are more popular than ever, used by both commercial vehicle owners and private individuals. According to in Charlotte, NC, who specializes in paint protection film and vehicle wraps, there are thousands of companies that offer vehicle wraps.

That’s why it’s important to find a company that you can trust to provide the best, high-quality solution. To do this, you should look at business reviews as well as personal references. When you contact a wrap company, ask all the questions you need to ensure that you have all the information about the service they provide. 

What Other Factors Impact How Long a Vehicle Wrap Lasts?

There are certain factors that will impact how long a vehicle wrap will last. By understanding these factors, you can avoid needing an expensive replacement sooner rather than later.

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Temperature Changes

Extreme hot and cold temperatures will impact the lifetime of the wrap on your vehicle. If you want to ensure that your wrap lasts longer, then you need to avoid heat causing it to become malleable and cold causing it to crack. For instance, it’s best to avoid using your vehicle when the roads are frozen over. If you are using your wrap for commercial purposes, you won’t gain much attention in these types of extreme weather conditions anyway. People will be too focused on navigating the road to worry about what’s on your vehicle. 


Invisible UV rays from the sun will also damage your wrap over time. This is similar to how sunlight will cause the exterior paint on your home to fade. To limit the impact, you need to think about where to store your wrapped vehicle. 

To preserve your wrap, when it is not being driven, you should store it in a garage. By storing your vehicle in a garage, you can prevent the UV rays from damaging the wrap, while also keeping it at the right temperature even in extreme weather conditions. Even a few hours will help your wrap last far longer compared to leaving it outside all the time. 

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Signs Your Vehicle Wrap Needs To Be Replaced

There are numerous signs that your vehicle wrap needs to be replaced. Common signs include:

  • Scratches
  • Tears
  • Peeling
  • Fading Colors

If you notice signs of expansive cracking then you should contact a vehicle wrap company immediately. They will provide the right high-quality replacement for your vehicle. 

We hope this helps you understand everything that you need to know about how long a vehicle wrap will last. Whether you are using it for commercial or personal use, the right level of care and maintenance will ensure that your vehicle wrap lasts for years.