How High Are You on One to Ten Scale – 2024 Guide

How High Are You on One to Ten Scale

Did you ever have feeling that you have gone too far with weed? Yeah, it can happen sometimes, and it is not a good feeling. We can say that pretty much everyone who consumed cannabis knows what this means.

But, did you ever considered how would you rank your high experience? Not in pleasure, but in how stoned you were. No? Well, we came up with a scale from one to ten which can help you see how high are you. It doesn’t matter whether you were smoking or consuming edibles, we can help you rank it.

Level 1 – Perception Shift and Head Change

The first level on this scale is known to everyone who ever smoked marijuana. It occurs after you just took a hit or two. You feel that you are feeling more relaxed than usual, and there is a slight energy bursting effect. This is nothing that should worry about, you have a lot of ground to cover to get to overdoing it.

Level 2 – Kinda High

The second level is not much different than level one. The feeling that you have at the first inhaling is just a little stronger than before. This is the entry stage because you will probably want to smoke some more.

How High Are You on One to Ten Scale

Level 3 – You are Lifted

On this level, you have no doubt that you are already high. You are elevated both in your mind and your body. Also, on this level, you are probably going to start experiencing some euphoric effects.

Level 4 –Yes, you are High

Every time you are smoking marijuana, you are asking yourself how high are you at every moment. When you are high, but you are still effective in doing your everyday chores and work-related tasks, that means you are on the fourth level of our scale. This is a good feeling because you are still able to get stuff done and enjoy at the same time.


Level 5 –Really, Really High

Usually, everyone knows when they are high. Your body is buzzing even more than before, your mouth is dry, you need some sweets and water, you have a hard time collecting your thoughts, etc. Being really high is fun, and when you have company, you can have a fantastic experience.

Level 6 – Stoned

Being stoned is not fun, especially for those who didn’t experience something like this before. That happens when you are closer and closer to your bed or couch, and when your eyes are closing every few seconds. The best thing you can do when it happens is to relax. Collect your thoughts and slowly, but surely, overcome this situation.

Level 7 – Baked

The seventh level on our scale is called Baked, but why? Well, being baked is one level higher than stoned. On this level, your perception is a mess, and every feeling you had as a result of smoking marijuana is multiplied several times. Also, forgetting something important is common for people who are baked.

How High Are You on One to Ten Scale 1
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Level 8 – Blazed

Blazed is not the highest level on our scale, but someone could say that it can get much worse than that. When you are blazed, you are officially experiencing some psychedelic effects. Certain thing around you don’t make any sense, and you are questioning everything. Also, a high level of paranoia is common at this level.

Level 9 – Reality? What is That?

For those who make it to the ninth level, we can`t say much that they should locate themselves somewhere quiet and wait for the effect to pass. This is the level when you are starting to lose your touch with reality. At one moment, nothing is good in your life, and at the second moment, you have the best life in the world. You should be careful about overdoing it. Other than that, just sit and enjoy it.

How High Are You on One to Ten Scale 1
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Level 10 – What did I Just Smoked?

And finally, we are on the tenth level of our scale. This is the level you wouldn`t want to be at when you are at it. That`s what happens when you are too high, and this is the wrong moment to ask yourself, how high are you. When on this level, the effect is similar to the one you have when you use an LSD. This usually happens from eating edibles, and rarely from smoking.