How Do Damon Braces Work To Fix Your Smile Using New Technology

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Having a great smile is difficult when you have crooked teeth. This is why many people decide to get braces of various kinds, the most popular being the traditional metal braces. But there are many other options out there that are even better! One of those is Damon braces.

If you are considering getting braces, we strongly recommend you to research a bit on that topic and learn about it. For more information, click here and check how Damon braces compare to traditional ones.

Pretty Does Not Need to Hurt with Damon Braces

Damon braces are the modern version of the traditional metal ones. They fit the way metal braces do, only they are self-ligating, which means they do not need to be tightened. Here is how Damon braces work.

The Set-Up, How Do They Work?

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Traditional braces typically use brackets, wires, and bands to create the perfect fit. Using these parts, your dentist will then adjust and pull the wires as they deem necessary. The pulling and tightening are what fixes the issues of your teeth.

Meanwhile, Damon braces do not require the dentist to pull or tighten them to fix your dental problems. Instead, these braces allow a sliding mechanism to fix the teeth. This mechanism is attached to each bracket.

They work by attaching to a memory wire that significantly lessens the pulling and tightening discomfort patients feel when they get their metal braces adjusted.

The memory wire is what truly sets the Damon braces apart from traditional braces. This is because the wire stretches while adjusting your teeth, which in turn adjusts your jaw and your teeth. The brackets slide slowly and therefore require less force and pressure to fix your teeth.

The Procedure

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So what happens in that dentist’s chair exactly? It’s easy as pie.

First, you set an appointment with your dentist. Your dentist will then discuss with you how your teeth are and your options on fixing them. He will take photos and an Xray of your teeth and gums’ current status and provide a treatment plan.

Once a plan is set, your teeth and gums will be cleaned thoroughly. When your teeth are sparkly, the brackets can now be placed. They will clasp together like a puzzle falling into place while keeping the memory wire-free to move or adjust.

Then, the brackets will be put into place securely using dental cement. You may feel a bit of discomfort for the first few days, but nothing incapacitating. You will still be able to do your usual eating and teeth cleaning routine.

That’s it! No need for anesthetics, elastics, or a palate expander to get the Damon braces on.

The Benefits of Getting Damon Braces

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A More Comfortable Braces Experience

Because the bracket system does not need force to fix, it is more comfortable for the patient to get their teeth done. They will not feel any pain or pressure as the movement of the bracket is slow.

Dentists say that pain is lessened by 60%.

Fewer Visits to the Dentist

Because of the self-ligating system that Damon braces have, dentist appointments lessen significantly. All because you do not need to make that trip to the dentist and pay their professional fee every time you get your braces tightened.

Get Faster Results, No Matter the Issue

The difference between Damon braces and traditional metal braces may be very small but, Damon braces are better for you and your teeth in the long run.

Dentists say that the desired results and fixes are achieved way faster when Damon braces are used compared to their traditional counterparts.

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Even when the dental issue is severe, Damon braces can handle it. For example, a patient’s teeth are crowding. The best option for the dentist, besides putting metal braces in, is to extract a tooth to make room for the other teeth.

But, with Damon braces, this procedure can be avoided entirely. These braces can fix that overcrowding without extraction.

Damon Braces Look Aesthetically Pleasing

Metal braces don’t go with many outfits. But since Damon braces have clear brackets, you can say goodbye to ugly metal braces.

Now, what about the elastic? Won’t they show? No! That’s because the mechanism does not need any elastics to fix your teeth! These braces are almost invisible to onlookers.

The Best Smile Possible

It is now possible to get the best smile without having to hurt or wear unattractive braces. They say pretty hurts but with Damon braces, that’s just untrue! Get the best option for your teeth and look fabulous!