How Are Bootstrap Templates useful in Web Development?

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Web Design is a very important aspect to be treated when you are considering creating your own website/app. How your website will turn out is dependent on the quality of the web design used on it. However, just designing a website for desktops is not enough. Every website needs to be fully accessible from desktops and mobile phones.

Customers interact directly with your website. Therefore it is important that it provides them with the best here experience possible. More importantly, it must be mobile responsive because most of your customers will be trying to access your website from mobile devices. To put it simply, smartphones have become more popular. The chances are high that a good percentage of your potential customers will be trying to access you with the use of their mobile phones.

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Research has shown that the best brands around the world are also known to have equally good and responsive websites. This means that if you aspire to have a great impression on your audience or potential customers, it is important that you make your website as properly designed as possible.

Bootstrap is a project that was originally designed for Twitter. It is a popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework that is designed for the creation of mobile apps. This framework offers a variety of features that are easy to learn and make use of. It is used to design Buttons, Forms, Tables, Dropdowns, etc. Bootstrap can be added to websites and mobile apps using just a single code base. When making use of bootstrap, everything becomes simpler, and you are able to achieve more. It doesn’t matter if you have years of experience in web design or not.

Now, you have some understanding of what Bootstrap is. When trying to make use of Bootstrap, you would be provided with certain templates. These templates can easily be used to create designs of your choice. They’re a great way for anyone to start some web design. You instantly have to spend too much on mastering any serious coding. Some elementary knowledge is required to make it easier for you to navigate around.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should download it and make use of its templates for web development.

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Easy to Use

Bootstrap’s templates make it very easy to use. Its templates are written in HTML and CSS templates. It can be used with a variety of platforms and can be coded with IDE or Editor. When installed, it comes with ready to use blocks of code. The templates are chosen base on needs, and they are ready to use. This makes bootstrap easy, and simple to use. It is also efficient and fast platform to use.

Impressive Layout Grid System

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This platform does a lot to make the work of the web developer easier, leading to an impressive website. In bootstrap, you will find a grid system that is easy to use. It is powerful enough to allow as much as 12 columns per page. It can be operated from a number of devices and is quite flexible to use in a number of layouts. When designing a website, you have to be sure the mobile version of the website is just as accessible as the desktop version. The website should be able to resize itself to the screen of a mobile phone. This is where the grid system comes in handy. It makes it easy for a web designer to reshape the website for accessibility on mobile phones. All these advantages of the bootstrap template are made readily available here.

Free Features/components

This doesn’t come along very often. Designing with bootstrap promises to be interesting due to the pre-packaged components which are available. There’s basically everything on bootstrap from dropdowns to progress bars. It offers something for every style. These components are easy to use and can be a big difference for your website. Examples of these components are;

  • Navbar
  • Button Dropdowns
  • List group
  • Alerts
  • Labels
  • Breadcrumbs, etc.

As a bonus, users of bootstrap also have access to over 250 glyphs which are in font format.

Compatible with JavaScript

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Whenever you integrate javascript plugins into your website, then things have surely gotten serious. They can help to bring other components to life easily. Bootstrap is compatible with almost a dozen plugins to make it very much easier to design the website. Also, it’s easy to add the javascript plugin to the website. A few of the plugins which are available are;

  • Dropdown
  • Collapse
  • Carousel
  • Modal

Consistent and impressive results

No one likes to visit a messy website. Basically, all the features of a desktop website should be available on the mobile version. When this doesn’t happen, the layout becomes messed, and the design is cut.

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When you make use of bootstrap, the results gotten are impressive. You can be certain that all the changes made and utilities added will be responsive to all types of devices. As mobile phones have become more popular, the importance of this feature becomes more prominent. Bootstrap templates are responsive, as well as other utilities, so the results gotten from the use of the app are nothing short of consistent and impressive.

Good level of support

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Bootstrap is hosted by Github. GitHub is a large community with a lot of support and is updated all the time. Currently, Github has 16, 475 commits, and 868 contributors. When using Bootstrap, there is no need for much technical know-how about HTML and CSS. A great advantage of making use for web design is because it can be used by beginners and professionals. It is also seen as a great platform even if you are used to the only CSS.


Knowing the different amazing features is not enough. It is vital to know how to use the right tools to get all these advantages and more out of Bootstrap.