How a Student Can Become a Freelance Writer

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If you think that you have a significant potential to become a good writer, it is worth thinking about developing it. It does not matter what you are studying at the moment. Writing can be an excellent part-time job opportunity if you are a student. Many of authors from started their career as freelance writers while being students in the past. 

Nowadays, many people work at home to have the ability to plan and build their life as they want. For some people, freelance becomes their primary income source. Others combine freelance projects with full-time jobs. So, students can easily earn some additional money as freelance writers while studying at colleges, high schools, or universities. 

Why become a freelance writer? You can choose this activity to gain satisfaction if you like writing texts. The line about text writing skills in a CV is also useful in any career. Think about it twice. 

Now, let’s review the most critical points of becoming a freelance writer if you’re a student. 

A Student to Become a Freelance Writer: What to Start With?

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Experienced writers recommend starting the career with small fictional stories if a student dares to become a fiction writer. Short Internet articles are alternatives if copywriting seems more attractive to you. As a fiction author, you will do short stories and then offer to publish them to different newspapers and magazines. Mostly, publishers like cooperating with freelancers. As a copywriter, you create different texts (articles, product descriptions, website content, etc.) and sell them to clients who order your services. Skilled copywriters can count on a stable flow of orders and nice incomes even while working part-time as students. As a rule, the sum of your earnings depends on the number of symbols or words written. After your portfolio starts expanding regularly, you’ll notice how your experience grows up quickly. After that, you probably can decide to write a full-scale novel or to begin working as a copywriter in particular companies or content agencies while being a student. 

What Should a Student Do to Become a Freelance Writer?

To start, a student only should get a workplace. Fortunately, modern students almost certainly have personal laptops or desktop computers. It’s not a problem to get the stable Internet access and entry-level hardware powerful enough to run Microsoft Office Word or any other text editor. As you have the workplace and equipment, start searching for publishers or potential clients online. As a rule, editors don’t like getting stories of the unclear shape, so watch after formatting. A copywriter should learn new things all the time. So, start your diary and always keep it nearby. Most probably, it will improve your writing skills. A diary will become a notebook of your ideas, lessons, experiences, and thoughts.  For any writer, it is good to know how to notice small details around. Understand and describe the appearances and characters of other people, specific facts, and knowledge that you could use in your freelance writer job. For fiction authors, it is also highly recommended to go deeper into the motives of human actions. They should orient towards their target audience. It is excellent to know what emotions you need them to feel: sadness, laughter, happiness, etc. When speaking of copywriters, knowledge about clients and the target audience is also critical. The writer should know who he or she creates an article for. The goal of this or that online text is an essential element of its creation, too. You can’t write a good text to send to freelance clients while you don’t know who will read it. Remember that. 

Good Freelance Writer Qualities

Here is the list of primary qualities every freelance writer should have and cultivate if they want to succeed: 

  • Correct writing skills.
  • Knowledge of main literature theories. 
  • Learning other materials of the chosen genre or job type. 
  • Creativity and ability to study quickly. 
  • Good expression skills to show their thoughts through texts. 
  • Fantasy.
  • Being ready to work hard. 
  • A wish to tell something to the others. 

Who is a Freelance Writer?

The world is full of possibilities. If you are a student willing to try a career of an author or a copywriter, it is quite easy to start. Keep in mind that freelance students who are ready to become authors should use the maximum of their mastery all the time. Try your best and become better with every single text you write. A freelance writer is a person creating texts according to tasks, or a free fictional author. Such workers don’t have any contracts or formal relations with either companies or publishers. 

A Student Guide to Become a Freelance Writer

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At first, know undoubtedly that you want to start writing texts. Keep in mind that writing is a volatile source of income, especially when you are a freelance worker. Maybe, creative students will like such a job. But still, think over backup plans and other ways if you need to earn money urgently. Then, it is time to think about topics. Which topics would be interesting to you as a student? What do you know the best? Try subscribing for social media groups, magazines, newspapers, and YouTube channels devoted to those topics. Their market may serve as a good starting point. Additionally, it is nothing terrible in testing your luck and sending your CVs to public houses and companies you chose. Later, try creating your blog and publish high-quality articles there. These texts will become your evidence to show your experience to potential clients and employers. Also, there are platforms offering you to monetize your work. Through adding advertisement integrations to your texts, partners get clients to buy their products. They are the ones who pay you for people reading your texts. Send your CV to publishers or copywriting agencies which could be interested in you and your texts. Check online job websites for vacancies – companies frequently scout for students with the potential to become freelance writers there. If it is okay for you, try attending online lessons and webinars for writers. There are plenty of them on the Internet nowadays, so choose wisely. Good teachers can give working tips for freelance writers. 

Student Work: Freelance Writer

Well, if you like working with texts, then the profession of the online freelance author will most probably suit you. It can be useful to ask your friends or relatives what they think about your texts. Show them a finished article or story. Accept their criticism after. Analyze all the points and notifications carefully. Remember that your text should reflect your view of the situation, but not your personality. It is not recommended to write your first article from the first person. You are not an expert yet. The text you are going to sell shouldn’t look like your opinion. Still, if the task supposes you to express personal thoughts, set a specific limit, and integrate your position into a text carefully. Here, freelance article writing has a lot in common with completing college essaysRefer to facts all the time. If the task is to write a text on a particular topic, or describe some social situation, leave source references for most critical information pieces. In case you write a text for something other than your blog, it is better to avoid expressing your thoughts directly. 

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To summarize, there is one more thing you should know. If you are a student planning to become a freelance writer, do not expect significant earnings to appear at once. Of course, everyone wants to start getting big money quickly, but you’ll have to wait in this case. Some publishers, freelance stock officers, or private clients may ask you about the expected reward for your job. Think about this aspect in advance, and try not to ask them for too much. Otherwise, clients will find someone else. Being modest is an excellent choice here. As a newbie, you don’t have great trust credit. After earning more reputation, start thinking about higher payment rates. 

Good luck and know that becoming a freelance writer is an excellent choice for active students.