Best Houseplants For Your Bathroom in 2024

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Moisture in the air is very critical to houseplants’ survival. Many aesthetic plants would really appreciate the extra humidity in the room to allow them to grow to their fullest potential.

However, as we all know, humidity is rather tricky to control and you can’t be running your humidifier all day just to get your room moist. Instead, a great way to work around this is to simply place these plants in your bathroom, where tons are moisture is trapped in there after your daily routine. Not all only will the plants elevate your bathroom’s overall look, they will also be close to the water source, which makes watering them impossible to forget. 

Read on for a list of our favorite houseplants to be placed into bathrooms that are sure to bring a piece of nature into your humble abode. And for more bathroom design tricks, click here.


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The begonia plant is a great choice to add a splash of lush green into any bathroom indirectly lit with natural sunlight. We specifically recommend the escargot begonia, a variant of the begonia plant that has a white and striking snail-like curl pattern on its leaf. Alternatively, the ‘Polka Dot’ works well with its eye-catching white spots dotted across its long leaves. The begonias love moisture and you will do no wrong by introducing one in your bathroom.

Peace Lily

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This plant has bright green leaves and pristine white flowers that can thrive well with the right amount of moisture even in low light conditions. Its simple color combination means it can work well in any bathroom regardless of the bathroom’s design and look. They also grow abundantly making them great plants to be placed on the ground. They are super easy to maintain and really help to freshen up the air around it. A word of caution for cats and dog owners—this plant is poisonous for your little critters so be sure to place them out of their reach.


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Akin to the peace lily, most types of ferns thrive well in humid and low light conditions. These plants are definitely going to be a great addition to monochrome, minimalistic or geometric-heavy bathrooms. It has an elegant and rustic feel to it and can bring an element of sophistication to your bathroom when paired with the right vessel and placed in the right spot. To keep your ferns in tip-top condition, remember to water and spritz its leaves several times a week when needed even if your bathroom is usually super humid or moist. 


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If you like to experiment with colors instead of the usual slabs of greens, then bromeliads will be right up your alley. The bromeliads have interesting leaves that can come in a variety of shades from light pink to bright Hawaiian yellow and oranges. It is truly an exotic plant that will get your visitors appreciating and talking to you about it if they happen to be a green thumb or houseplant enthusiast themselves. 

Prayer plants 

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This family of plants is adorned with unique markings and houseplant pattern lovers will totally dig. It goes without saying that they are moisture-loving and low-light thriving plants. The reason behind their cute name is how their leaves will magically fold up as if they are praying during the night. Our favorite variants of this family have to be the rattlesnake plant and the peacock plant due to their striking and distinctive patterns. For your prayer plants, a weekly spritzing of the leaves is sufficient, but feel free to increase the frequency when you observe some browning on the edges of the leaves. 


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Also known as the Swiss Cheese plant, this plant has seen a massive surge in popularity with many Instagramers somehow for some mysterious reason featured this plant in their feed. They are widely loved for their natural shapely holes which gave rise to its nickname of swiss cheese plant due to their resemblance. It is easy to find inspiration for integrating this plant into your bathrooms—simply hop over Pinterest and Instagram and you will be greeted with dozens of them. Just a note is that low light conditions will probably slow this plant’s growth and develop less of the holes and curves. 


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If your bathroom isn’t exactly spacious and you have to work with a tight space then the pothos will be your best bet. A hanging plant, the pothos trails as it grows. It does not require any counter space and you can place it in a hanging vessel such as the macrame hanger. Let some of its excess hang down for that natural, unkempt but fashionably lived-in look. 


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Some people think orchids are high maintenance but the moth orchids and the cane orchids are generally quite easy to care for. The humidity of your bathroom will help these orchids to thrive better. If you are considering introducing these classic blooms, you should totally pick a spot that gets sufficient indirect light. Be warned that direct sunlight does no favors for these orchids’ growth and health. 

Air Plants

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How can we miss out on the air plants when we are talking about the moist air of bathrooms? These plants literally live on the moisture and nutrients from the air around them, so your humid bathroom is definitely a great place for them to thrive. Another big plus about them is also how easy to care for them. You already know they don’t need direct watering, but guess what? They also do not need to be planted in soil. This gives you much more creative freedom in presenting and placing them. Some trendy methods include framing a group of them on the wall or arranging them aesthetically on your bathroom counters. They are aesthetic and foolproof—what’s there not to love?


You can never go wrong with the addition of a plant in your bathroom. We spend quite a fair amount of time every day going about our business, relaxing, and even idling in this space. You would be surprised at how some greens and blooms can transform your bathroom to become more welcoming and pleasant. We hope our list has given you some inspiration to work on!